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mid-century ranch house


At Design by Numbers, we are dedicated to reimagining the interior design experience by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology. Our innovative approach streamlines the design process, ensuring that each project we undertake is tailored to our clients' individual needs and preferences. By combining our passion for design with state-of-the-art tools, we're shaping the future of interior design and delivering truly personalized spaces.

Our process begins by utilizing the latest 3D scanning technology, enabling you to capture the layout of your space directly from your iPhone. With just a few simple steps, you'll provide us with an accurate representation of your room, allowing us to better visualize and understand your design needs.

Next, you'll complete our comprehensive style quiz, which helps us hone in on your personal design preferences and aesthetic. By considering factors such as color schemes, materials, and furniture styles, we can tailor our design approach to align with your unique tastes.

Armed with your 3D room scan and style quiz results, our talented team of designers will get to work crafting the room of your dreams. We handle projects of all sizes and scopes, ranging from cozy bedrooms to sleek, modern kitchens. Our goal is to create a space that not only looks stunning but also meets your functional requirements and enhances your lifestyle.

To learn more about our groundbreaking approach to interior design and how we can help you transform your living space, simply email us at We're excited to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life through our innovative design process.