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How does it work?

Completing a well designed home can be as easy as following directions, now thanks to Design by Numbers. Design by Numbers provides you all the tools you need to complete your dream space. We address one of the hardest problems homeowners and renters face, having a plan. Your online designer will review your room, work within your preferred price points, and can even include furniture you already own into your Virtual Room Makeover board. Then it’s as easy as following the steps to complete the room.

Step One

Take photos and basic measurements of your room.                                                                                                                      .


Step Two

Submit those photos and inspiration photos to your online designer.                                                                                                              .


Step Three

Receive your own custom Virtual Home Makeover including paint colors and shopping list for everything you need. chair

Step Four

Using the tips and tricks provided on the site, begin painting and purchasing all the products for your space.


Step Five

Sit back and enjoy your new home, perfectly designed and styled just for you.                                                                                      .


Step 6

Your dream home is only a click away.                                                                                                                                                                .