Happy Columbus Day!

With today being Columbus Day, I was planning on doing a post on some of my favorite items that are on sale today. Well, I had to scratch that because renovations at my house have been sucking up all my time. That’s why I haven’t been on here in a few weeks. So instead of doing a sale post I’m doing a “whats been sucking up all my time” post.

I mentioned before I was ripping up all my carpet, and the husband and I are about half way through installing the new floors. It’s taking us a while but it’s going to be well worth it. I am a serious anti-carpet person, it’s so dirty as we pull it up and on the stairs the dirt even has saturated the pad. We don’t even hardly use the upstairs because our master is down, so as Jimmy Fallon would say, carpet is EW! (If you haven’t seen the skit I suggest googling Jimmy Fallon EW)

So here’s a few sneak peeks.  photo-5

That is my not so awesome but too expensive to replace tile in the great room transitioning into my new flooring in my bedroom. In a perfect world I would have wanted to go a little lighter in the flooring but because the tiles are light choosing a darker wood was the best choice for this house. The new flooring in a teak color with a grey wash. I will be giving the details of the new flooring in a future post but for now there it is!


And here are my naked stairs. This weeks project is to replace all the treads and skim the risers JUST so I can paint them. My house was built in 2008 which means it’s practically built out of cardboard. The stairs are OSB otherwise known as chipboard. You can’t paint them and they crumbled when I pulled the carpet off. I can’t replace the risers or I may jeopardize the stability of the stairs so I am skimming them with 1/4″ ply, and then installing new pine treads. The risers are about $10 each and I needed 15. I didn’t think the stairs were OSB I assumed worse case they were MDF which I could still paint but NOPE, my little project just jumped up an extra $200 and a full day in labor. Weeeee! I will post more on them as I work on them.


Kind of a good thing I have to replace them because look at that gapping! No caulk would have been able to fix those gaps.


For now this is what I have, it’s a bit of a tripping hazard but I will have it fixed on Wed.


So happy Monday everyone!

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