A Stairy Situation

We have a few projects underway at my house. And ripping up all the builder grade carpet is #1 on the list. While I picked out new flooring (which will be shown on a later post) the stair situation is a whole project on its on. Right now the stairs are super not awesome builder grade (aka cheap) beige carpet.

Stairs Before Stairsbefore2

You can see in the second picture, project rip up nasty carpet is fully underway. Well I didn’t want to lay the new flooring on the stairs because: 1 it’s expensive to do the stairs, and 2 I wanted to put a runner and stapling holes in newly laid flooring wasn’t on my list of things I wanted to do. So my thought was to paint the stairs a pretty white, like this inspiration:

White Staircase


Pretty, white, with a nice stair runner. However, whats not so pretty are my stairs treads are not paintable. They are OSB or “chipboard” and will soak up paint like a sponge and no amount of paint will hide the texture of the OSB. So I’m going to have to purchase new treads and replace the existing OSB treads. Thats about $130 more and an additional day of labor. So it’s kind of a bummer but not a plan changer. I have builder beige tile downstairs that is staying, I don’t love it but I can live with it because there is just too much of it and too labor intensive to rip it up. So painting the stairs white and adding a graphic runner is a nice way to transition from the downstairs to the upstairs. My interior doors are Ben Moore Graphite, a “not quite black” and my trim is white so I figured a pretty white and black diamond pattern would look nice. I found this rug at RugsUSA.

It’s the Paddle Rug. I bought 3 5×8 rugs and it came out to about $336 for all three. I’m going to use one to carpet the landing, and the other two I can having cut into runners and bound. (so they wont fray)

So that’s the plan for now. I will be posting updates as the project progresses.


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