A Bedroom Staple

There is one trend that is pretty consistent across the board in the bedroom. I should say “Interior Design” trend, before you think this post is going places it shouldn’t. Regardless of style, the white duvet is a staple and trend that isn’t going anywhere. The bed is large, in charge, and almost always the focal point of the bedroom. Starting off your bedding design by layering a crisp white duvet is just so right. It’s clean, fresh, and doesn’t add a ton of visual weight to the bed. It always allows for endless variations of pillows, patterns, throws, and quilts. I do find however, that some (actually a lot) of clients have a fear of white bedding. It’s like we are some kind of savage beings that just cannot keep our bedding clean and that white duvet is destined to become soiled and disgusting. Well, let me assure you, white bedding fearers, that unlike colored bedding or patterned bedding, you can bleach white bedding. I promise it’s not hard to keep it clean, and if you get a stain pull out the good ol’ bleach pen and you’re good to go. Even my dirty little chihuahua mix has been no match for my white duvet, a cycle in the washing machine and little bleach and it’s good as new. Trying to hide dirt and stains on dark bedding or busy patterns is like walking around on a Vegas casino carpet barefoot and pretending it’s not filthy.

So let’s take a look at some beautiful bedroom featuring some beautiful white bedding.  neustadt-49



source Emily-Henderson-+-Curbly_bedroom041


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I’ve gathered my favorite sources to purchase white bedding from a variety of price points.  BestWhiteLinenDuvets

Target / West Elm / Restoration Hardware / Garnet Hill / Anthropologie

Happy Shopping!

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