We have answered some of our most asked design questions though the illustrations below. Feel free to comment if you have any other questions and they might make our second round of illustrations! Enjoy!
How to choose the correct rug sizeHow high to hand your light fixturewhat size rug fits under a queen bed

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    1. Hi Jolene. You want your pendants or lighting 30″ – 35″ above your countertop. Because you have a vaulted ceiling you can hang a bit on the higher side but in general the height off the counter is the height to measure from don’t worry that your ceiling is vaulted. You welcome to email me photos rebecca at designbynumbers .com.

  1. Our ceilings are low in our house. I’ve always wondered about lighting so I was happy to stumble across this. I’m also curious about crown molding. Does it add the illusion of higher ceilings?

    1. Hi Sara,
      Crown molding doesn’t usually give the illusion of taller ceilings, in fact it can do the opposite. Because crown molding is normally white and same color as the ceiling it beings the color of the ceiling down a few inches on the wall and can make the ceiling look lower. To make your ceilings look taller emphasize vertical space by hanging drapery rods as close to the ceiling as you can. I also find smoothing the texture (if you had any) on the ceiling so light bounces off can help make the ceilings looks taller. Have you ever felt like popcorn ceilings feel super low? That’s because all that texture creates little shadows and dulls the light. For light fixtures try to find pretty flush mount fixtures or fixtures that are close to the ceiling like this one vertical office

    1. We are drawing up that tip this week! If you need help with your dining table at home just send me the dimensions and how many chairs you have and I will answer the question, otherwise be sure to check back in a week and I should have the new tips up 🙂

  2. What size & shape rug would be best under a 48″ round table with 4 chairs? My table is in a rectangular space about 7′ x 10′. Thanks!

    1. Lisa,
      The typical rule of thumb for area rugs under a dining table is you want to make sure the chairs do not fall off of the edge of the rug when you are pulling them out to sit down or to get up from the table. At a minimum you should allow 18″ (preferably 24″) on either side of your dining table for the chairs, so for a 48″ round table (in a 7′ wide area) the best size would be a 7′ round or square rug at a minimum. Personally I prefer a square rug under a round table. I believe a round rug is too predictable.
      With a 7′ x 10′ space an oval rug would work as well, and would give a little extra pull out room to the 2 chairs that are most likely used the most often. Unfortunately, good looking oval rugs are hard to find.

      1. Waiting with bated breath for the dining table rugs. I need to get one but am holding off because I really don’t know what size to get!

  3. We have 18″ ceiling and picking out size of crown molding. Your educated suggestion would be greatly appreciated. The info you’ve provided already have been very helpful and came just at the right time.

  4. Is there a size requirement for a master bedroom to house a king size bed? I THINK we have enough room numbers-wise to house a king size BUT scared to death to commit and feel tight in the space. Right now we have a queen and the room’s proportions are good. Any rules of thumb out there? Thanks!

    1. There is no size requirement, but you will want enough room to comfortably walk around the bed, about 2′ minimum. You could also consider a Cal King it’s a bit narrower than a standard King but it also is a little longer. Hope that helps!

    1. Same concept for an L shape sofa. You want about 18″ of exposed floor around the room and since it sounds you are dealing with a smaller space just be sure the front feet of the sofa all the way around sits on the rug. Hope that helps!

  5. I just stumbled across this graphic on Pinterest and I really enjoyed it. I clicked through and wasn’t disappointed. I love your blog, lots of great and helpful information!


  6. Like many other graphics, the 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 carpets under the beds are drawn to look square…on another site it suggests 36″ on each side of the bed. An 80 x 60″ bed (queen) would thus need 116 x 132″ which is 9’8″ x 11…also more square-ish? Am I missing something?

    1. My drawings are drawn to scale to accurately represent what the size of the rug would look like compared to the size of the bed. The rugs are rectangular. Other sites may offer different tips, I’ve based my suggestions on popular rug sizes currently available. An 8×10 rug is plenty big to go under a queen bed, but you can always go larger.

    1. are you placing these beds in the same room? You can opt for a smaller rug under the lower half of the bed like the picture. A 4×6 if the room is smaller or a 5×7 or 5×8 will work perfectly.

  7. I live in a small condo and my master bedroom is 11.10′ x 10′ and I have a queen bed with a framed headboard that measures 66″W. Would you recommend a 5×8 or 8×10 area rug? I’m afraid that 8×10 will be too large for the room, but wondering if the 5×8 is too small?

    1. Couldn’t find the tips for dining room rugs. Im looking for advice of what size/shape rug to buy for under my 60in round dining room table with perimeter leaves to expand to a 72 in round. The room is 17×17. Also not sure what size chandeleir to buy. Any advice woyld be appreciated! Thanks!

  8. Hello! Any suggestions for a queen bed in a small bedroom with one side of the bed pushed up against the wall? My room is not big enough to have the bed set in the middle. Thank you!

    1. If the bed is pushed up against one wall, place a runner along the other side. This will give you a nice pop of color or pattern and a soft place for your feet in the morning.

    1. we are working on an entire relaunch of the site with more tips. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter on the relaunch and we will be sure to address your question as well.

  9. Thanks great Info! I would love be to see more about lamp sizes , table sizes and placements of tables. Also coffee table sizes.

  10. Hi what square rug size will work for a dinning set, table is round30” H x 47” W x 47” L, seats 4 in my apartment. Whole room dimension is 13by 21

  11. Thanks for sharing! Buying a house and trying to figure out what size bed to get without being in the room to “see.” I know the wall where the bed goes is 12 feet wide but wanted to be sure a king bed and two night stands along the whole wall would look okay. I think it will! Thanks again.

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