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Design Star Finale

Oh man, another season wrapped up. Going into the finale I have to say I liked both designers. They are both uber talented and bring a different sense of style to the table. I’d be happy to watch either designer, and I was honestly just excited to see what kind of shows the ladies were going to come up with. This is no easy task, there are SOOOOO many design shows, and in a competition it’s important that their concept seems original and intriguing so viewers will want to watch.

So Danielle’s show was Shop this Room. She was going to focus on shopping and how to find and incorporate one-of-a kind pieces. Good concept, she can spin it for any client and any design style without pidgin holing herself. Britany’s show was Picture Perfect Spaces. I like that she wanted to incorporate her photography into her show. Both show concepts were good, and not too gimmicky. I secretly wanted Britany to incorporate her photography experience on how to make a room look as good as the professional interior photo. It’s a question clients always ask, and I think a perspective Britany could really spin to make her own. She already designs well for camera I think viewers would love to know how to make similar choices.

Anyways onto the rooms.

Danielle had the artsy couple. Out of the two clients I think she lucked out, and also had a big challenge. These people were so fun, and could handle a bold space. The challenge: incorporate the clients personal art, and needs for an art studio into a well designed space that feels like home, and not an art gallery. She did that extremely well. The wall color is bold, and a color I haven’t really seen used a lot. It feels original, and has hints of mid-century without feeling like time warp back into the mid-century. I’m a little confused on what the fireplace detail is, but since I can’t tell whats going on with the green painted inset I’m not gonna judge it, but I’m not gonna love it either.

The art is curated and she was able to take all those smaller pieces and create a big moment. I like the way they fill the corner and the TV blends into the gallery so it’s not an eye sore. I don’t think you have to hide a television, and here is a way to make it not look like a big black hole.

The new art studio by the window is pretty and I love the desk and built ins. She used the existing table and brought in new chairs. In normal design most homeowners have pieces they want to keep and cannot afford to just “get rid of everything.” It’s not realistic and I like how she is able to show how to elevate existing pieces to give the entire room a designer feel. So bravo Danielle. The show was good, she’s natural on camera and doesn’t feel hosty.

And then we have Britany’s space. She had a more “clean line” family. Again a beautiful room. I like the wainscoting, and I like the more traditional rug with the contemporary sectional. The room feels clean, but it still has character.

I also like how the wallpaper in the dining room mimics the rug, and the pops or orange are refreshing. It’s a classy well designed space. I like that you can tell it’s a Britany room. Having a signature style is great, I mean you can spot a Bromstad room from a mile away and he’s the most successful design star to date ūüôā Her show was good. Her energy levels were great. I was loving when she got the Victorias Secret windblown hair while doing her wallpaper segment. My only critique for Britany is it felt a little rehearsed. You could tell she wanted to win so badly, and was determined to get a perfect take and deliver on point tips, I just wish the delivery felt a bit more organic. In a non-competiton setting I’m sure she would be incredible.

So in the end two great designers, two great rooms, and two great shows. Danielle takes the prize, but from reaction it looks like Britany is gonna take fan favorite and deservedly so. BUT still vote for her…we get to see Danielle’s new show next week, and Hilari (another fan favorite) is going to be on Design Star All Stars so fan favorite season 7 should go to Britany!



Design Star Episode 7 & 8

Ok folks. Design Star finale is tomorrow and I am two posts behind. Whoops. I’ve been super busy, working on a new clients house and planning/throwing my husbands 30th birthday. I have watched the episodes and I am going to post my short and sweet double episode review below.

Ok here’s our top 4. On episode 7 the designers worked on individual projects and design condos and represent their color chosen at random for them. Up first…

Hilari and the color¬†builders beige. Ok not really, her color was red, but it’s a beige wonderland. She got the tile floor which isn’t bad but super linear and I wish it was laid in a brick pattern or something to give it some character. Or just be wood like the other designers had, because those walls with those floors are yawnsville. Red is a hard color, I have to agree with Hilari who didn’t look thrilled to get this selection BUT you gotta make it work. I’ve used red as accents in many designs and loved it. I just think when working with red pair with a cool color like a teal, or deep navy. Keeping your color pallet unexpected keeps a room interesting.

So over all it’s not a bad room, its just not super exciting. The weird wall decor over the sofa isn’t working for me, and the sticks not so much. But I do admit Hilari is my favorite personality on camera. I love her energy and could watch her all day. She sticks around for episode 8.

Here’s Danielle’s space and her color was¬†builders beige. No wait it was yellow… errrr actually it was blue!!?? Her builders beige looks like it has more dimension than Hilari only because she has a chocolate wood floor. However I wish there was a rug, or some blue or something. There isn’t any bad design choices in this room, but there just isn’t any choices at all. She wanted to use blue as an accent and had a hard time finding accessories in her color pallet and by that time is was too late to recover.

But if you look around you can find the blue, hidden in a nook where this table and chair are stored. Ok it’s clearly unfinished, Danielle struggled but did enough to make it though to the next episode. This is the first time she really shinned on camera. She’s never been bad, but this was one of her best weeks camera wise.

And here’s Mikel. I’m sad Mikel went home, he was the last of the guys, and his design wasn’t bad. I honestly think that paint selection is what sent him home. I shall call this color not-good green. It’s just a weird shade and it’s not working on any level and it was all over all his walls. Kudos to you Mikel for taking your color and running with it, I just wish you would have nailed the shade and you would have stuck around. I will say picking paint is EXTREMELY difficult and even a seasoned designer has missteps. Those paint chips looks so different in different lighting, at different times of day etc etc. Anyone who’s every painted a room can attest to this. Anyways back to the room, the furniture selection is nice… the layout is different from what the ladies did so I’m interested, and I am kinda obsessed with that arch lamp.

He had a Britney wall graphic moment on the wall in the dining room and although all the pieces in the dining room are nice I would not have paired them all together. The captain chairs are not different enough to be paired with those mid-century inspired chairs and I wish in this case the table wasn’t glass because it don’t look substantial enough in the room without a rug to ground it. A rug would have been the dining rooms saving grace because all those wood tones are blending together. Again not horrible, really the only mistake was the paint color. Mikel you will be missed, but you have not gone unnoticed by friend. I am sure we will be seeing much more Mikel in the future.

And Last up Britany. Her color was blue…. ok actually it was yellow but she was super successful in using one of the more difficult colors. And clearly she was the most successful in this challenge. The wall color is good, the accents colors are perfection. She did a Britany graphic on the wall again which has become her signature. It’s not the main feature of this room, so although the judges addressed her for being too repetitive it’s not the main element of the room and therefore not a huge deal, and a nice room division. The room is still good with or without the wall graphic.

The dining room was a good moment too. Here is a good representation on how to use mismatched chairs in your dining room. They have to look different enough to look intentional but they also have to look like they belong at the same party. Britany was the clear winner and well deserved. She’s not bad on camera either, but she looses her spark. She delivers good information, she just comes off kinda of flat. I can relate to this, I felt like I was bouncing off the walls when I did White Room Challenge then when I watched it back I looked flat and lacking personality. The camera can do this to you, so I hope Britany has enough time to review herself and adjust her energy level so she shine as much as her designs do.

Ok so now episode 8, we have our top 3. Britany, Danielle and Hilari. So I predicted the top 3 to be Britany, Hilari and Stanley but I never counted Danielle out, so I’ll take 2 out of 3. The top 3 challenge was to design a Yurt. We’ve seen glass houses and tiny houses in previous seasons and now we have a round tent. I’d be super excited to design on of these. It’s a challenge, don’t’ get me wrong but a super fun one!

So here we have Hilari’s bali retreat. It’s a strong color pallet. I wasn’t a huge fan of the purple fabric draped all over the room but thats a personal thing, there’s nothing wrong with it. I love the shelving with the gold leafed shelves I’m but not sure I like it in here. The space photographs better than it looked on camera. I love the vintage bed and I love her personality on camera. Hilari goes home this episode and I was kinda shocked because although I don’t think she was the strongest designer in these challenges, she’s not a bad designer and she IS the strongest on camera. You have to have both the combination of camera skills and design skills and in this challenge all 3 finalist prove they have it. So Hilari goes home on a good note. She was happy with her design and performance, and rightfully so. Bravo Hilari for a job well done.

Here’s Britanys winning retreat. Winner two episodes in a row!! Ok so here Britany gets her wall graphic and she didn’t even have to build it. She was clever in putting the white vinyl behind the lattice and using the lattice as interest on her walls. The bed is a statement and she put it on wheels… another clever moment. She brought in the color through the use of fabric on the ceiling and it’s pretty. It’s a beautiful space. I really don’t have any critiques, if I want to get picky I can say I wish there was a rug so the wood didn’t all melt together BUT then the bed wouldn’t be able to pivot. She struggled the most with camera challenge, and I worry a bit for her. Final episode is a pilot. She has the eye, and design skills, but she’s gotta bring that personality to the table to knock the hosting out of the park. I can’t wait to watch tomorrow to see what she comes up with.

And here’s Danielle’s Yurt. Another super successful design… except for that bed. She knew the bed wasn’t right, but she didn’t have time to fix it so she made it work the best she could. I love the layered rugs. Again I’m happy to see the lattice work exposed. I love the plant, the use of textures, it’s just that bed…. The bed is no ones fault, she wasn’t super clear to her carpenter and the carpenters have to do what they are told, they can’t input their design opinions because that wouldn’t be fair. Danielle’s camera challenge started out rough but she adjusted and nailed the final challenge.

Final two… Danielle and Britany. Honestly it’s any ladies game at this point. Both ladies have had strong wins, Britany hasn’t had any design mistakes this season but Danielle is slightly stronger on camera, so it can go either way. Can’t wait to watch tomorrow!


Design Star Episode 6 Kitchen Challenge

Ok so I’m a bit late posting my review. Honestly I’ve been crazy busy with new clients (yay) but that also means less blog time and less tv time. So sorry a tad delayed… but here we go…

The clear winners. Britany and Danielle. Both have been super strong designers though-out the competition and it didn’t surprise me that they killed this challenge. I read Britany’s blog and got some insider information… she wanted herringbone floors… nope can’t do that… wanted staggered height cabinets…. nope can’t do that either. These designers are extremly limited with resources so even more kudos for a job well done. While I appreciate the picture frame backsplash, It’s not really practical. It’s creative and looks pretty in photos, but I don’t recommend you do this at home. ¬†Also I was hoping for a vibrate color, like navy or kelly green, Sara from HGTV magazine said go bold… Britany blogged she wanted a kelly green but Danielle wasn’t on board so they went minty. Britany I’m on board with the kelly green!! Oh well it’s pretty none-the-less.

Speaking of bold… it’s Stanley and Hilari’s “soup” kitchen. Did it remind anyone else of the soup nazi from Seinfeld??

Look he even matches. “No soup for you!!” Honestly I don’t want soup in that kitchen. Those colors are appetite killers. Certain colors evoke hunger… think McDonalds and those yellow arches with the reds. Yep theres a theory behind color choices… and the theory on this color combination is don’t do it. I’m all about rule breaking…. I don’t like to say don’t do blue in a kitchen or dining room…. just don’t do THAT blue. The red countertops I like, but not with those cabinets.

And these?? I’m all for a good appendage but these guys get two thumbs down. It’s gimmicky. I did use an appendage in my white room…

See him there, on my leg back wall??? He was kinda overlooked and forgotten because the back wall was pretty much lost in the darkness of the set.. oh well… So Stanley goes home, he was trying to be uber creative which I appreciate… but it wasn’t in good taste.

And last but not least Rachel and Mikel’s country kitchen. T’was a pretty toile, too bad it threw up all over those walls. I like the wall paper but it’s just too much of a good thing… they needed to break it up somehow, by either putting cabinets on that back wall or floating shelves or something. And nope not a good idea to put a wallpaper as a backsplash, but I don’t recommend picture frames either so I won’t ding them for that. Can’t really tell those chairs are mismatched… because they look pretty matchy. I would have loved maybe just a simple bistro chair with that awesome table, but I do love Mikel’s choice on the chandelier and kudos for keeping the rope… it’s just too bad the wallpaper swallowed it up. Rachel goes home as well. I really liked her in the beginning but she feel off the horse in the backyard challenge and never got back on.

So with Stanley and Rachel out that puts my bets that Mikel and Hilari are in the top 3 and I’m thinking probably Britany is there with them, but it could be Danielle… those two are pretty neck and neck. Mikel’s camera challenge are strong I just want to see him tackle an individual challenge and give us a wow. Hilari is the best on camera, I love her personality and would totally watch her.


Design Star Episode 5 Hollywood Party

Design Star Episode 5, Hollywood party. Ok so we are about half way though the show now, so I’m going to give a quick recap on my favorites so far. So Britany, she’s hasn’t had a miss-step yet, and consistently has come in second. Yes I agree this girl is great and deserves a win, and at the end of this episode she looked upset to come in runner up… again. Her designs are good, her camera challenges are not bad, she’s just falling a bit flat in front of the camera. I will say from what I have observed she’s one of the most talked about contestants from this season. Hilari is growing on me, and Rachel is receding. Hilari started off a bit shaky but she does the best in front of the camera, Rachel who’s designs have been on point up until last week, is slipping a little bit both on design and on camera. And Mikel and Stanley, Stanley keeps me interested and has a different point of view (which the network is always looking for) and Mikel again another designer who hasn’t had a miss-step yet, but really hasn’t had a wow moment either. I still can’t predict who’s gonna win, I do think the top 3 are going to be Hilari, Britany and Stanley. Why??? I don’t really know thats just what I’m thinking. Mikel could easily be another top 3, or Danielle, but thats my early prediction.

Onto the episode. Design a space for a Hollywood party…(Again I usually post before HGTV puts up the better pictures so I will fix the pictures ones the good ones are up)

Here’s Stanley’s futuristic party room. Overall it’s good, futuristic um yeah. Not much I really have to saw about his room. Futuristic is not an area of my expertise because I haven’t been to the future, so the chair are neat, the lights are nice. The table looked like a penis.

yeah the table was ugly AND had a penis. Not a good look for the HGTV audience, just sayin. His presentation was good, he’s very Antonio in the way he talks and the judges like him. I think he’ll be sticking around for a while.

And Miss Britany. Editing made it look like she really struggled finding furniture which I don’t know if it’s really the case of just played up to being some drama to this episode… because overall this episode was kinda unexciting. She ended up choosing a black Chesterfield sofa and chairs, which I can’t image they were THAT hard to find. Her room was one of the best. I would give her room the win, I think the only reason Danielle took the win was because her presentation was stronger. I’m glad theres not another graphic wall in this space, instead we get an awesome circular book case styled well and an awesome black and white floor. Great room reads really well on camera.

Danielle’s Deco space. She took the win, and another really well designed space. Love the floor, and those lamps (which I wish were able to be turned on but I’m sure there’s a reason for that) The space has the same color pallet as her White Room, except she brought in peaches with her flowers. Not repeating colors is a hard thing when designing for TV, all designers have there go-to colors, but on Design Star I have to say don’t go-to them too often. You run the risk of looking too repetitive. The colors work here, the colors looked good in her white room, but if she does it a third time it may put her in danger. Her presentation was good, just lacked energy, BUT the designer are exhausted so I can forgive her for lack of energy.

Hilari and the 80’s. This was MY personal favorite. 80’s were a time of over the top colors and tackiness. She was table to take the 80’s and make it feel sophisticated. It’s a room I would like to hang out in. Fun, playful. yep I like it. I like it… I like her. Sorry if my post feels boring. This episode didn’t excite me that much. It was more of a quiz on who knew their design history and who was a good shopper because they didn’t have much time, so nothing uber creative happened.

Kris, awe poor Kris he went home. He wasn’t expecting it, but I wasn’t shocked that he left this week. He was growing on me, but the speech / presentation he made, made me uncomfortable, and I was just watching on my sofa… The room ehhhh I love the 70’s but I don’t love the room. It feels more like a dorm room than a party lounge. Why is there a desk in a party lounge? I don’t like that it’s completely enclosed with actual walls. I like the idea he used paneling BUT he used it in a literal “wish we could rip it down” kinda way.

Mikel’s mid-century modern. Again not one of my favorites. Mikel is the vintage guy, he worked with us on Secrets from a Stylist and Emily Henderson can NAIL a mid-century room, so I was super excited Mikel got this style. BUT I’m not super excited about the results. He pulled the color pallet from the painting and I don’t like it. I don’t like to match art to a room, it’s a no no in my book. This room is very white, and thats why Mikel hung the painting up over the fireplace and he worried he covered his wow moment. Don’t worry the fireplace wasn’t a wow, it was just on a white wall and I don’t miss it. I wish he would have chosen a super cool mid-century danish modern fireplace like this…

Even if it didn’t function, it’s so sculptural and cool. His seating worked for a conversation, but also looks like everyone just pulled up their chairs around the ottoman. It doesn’t look intentional. Mikel didn’t look happy with his end result, which shows he’s a good designer. A good designer can be critical of their own work.

Last Rachel’s Victorian space. I like this room about as much as Rachel liked the fact she picked the Victorian card. Victorian doesn’t have to super traditional but I don’t like the way she took it. She struggled with it and it shows. Maybe she didn’t have any Victorian inspiration to pull from, I really don’t know what happened. Rachel’s a good designer and this just isn’t good. I love a grandma Victorian floral…. I love the soft lines of vintage Victorian… I’m not seeing any of it here. The enclosure was good. Thats about it. Those white chairs can go…. the spiders on the floor can go (yes I know they were tufting but I prefer to call them spiders) The blue can go, but Rachel didn’t go and I’m glad. I like Rachel, I want her to stay. When I think updated Victorian I think sometime along the lines of this…

but oh well. There’s always next week.

Next week looks like it’s the kitchen episodes which rumor has it, is the HARDEST challenge on Design Star known for incomplete tile jobs. AND it looks like two are going home…





Design Star Episode 4, real clients

Alrighty. Design Star episode 4. The designers pair up and work on either an outdoor or an indoor space for real clients. This week you can clearly see the stress and demands of filming taking a toll on some of the designers. Designing for TV is worlds different than designing for a real life. The winner goes though all the stress of filming Design Star, right into all the stresses of filming their own show. Yes you get to go home and sleep in your own bed, but the demands are just the same. I’ve been there, behind the scenes dealing with problems you would never dream of, trying to figure our how to pull a failing makeover together ALL while making sure everything gets done on time for next week and the next week, because if you crash and burn one week it can easily have a domino effect on the following weeks unless you can take a moment, regroup and focus. It’s not a career for everyone, but I do have to say it’s still super awesome even with all the stresses. My body felt like I was run over by a train after filming White Room Challenge, so to think of jumping right back into another makeover… designers I feel for you !!

Before I just into the reviews can I just give a shout out to Genevieve ‘s pants. FIERCE! Love love love those pants. I have a pair of orange neon AG Stevies that I am obsessed with. I mean all the judges look great, David’s “sweet kicks” (as Daniel Tosh would call them) Vern’s striped tie and Sabrina’s high waisted skirt, never mind the makeovers you can just watch Design Star for fashion inspiration. Ok onto the rooms.

Staring with the clear winners Hilari and Mikel. Finally Hilari has arrived! She is clearly a natural on camera and I would totally watch her. Now her designs are matching her great personality. The sectional is perfect. The floor plan is great. Mikel picked a soothing wall color, I will call an updated sage. It’s bluer and fresher than a traditional sage. I am glad Mikel also stepped up to the plate and I get to see a bit more of him in a room. I don’t know who choose those ming side chairs but I hope it was Mikel because they are a vintage inspired shape and I think they fit his asthetic.

And Mikel’s mirror is just perfect. This is what I’ve been waiting for, Yes the designers have limited resources, AND limited time but you have to get creative and make those so-so items amazing. Mikel did that with a generic mirror. Good job guys.

Next we have Britany and Stanley’s outdoor space. I’m glad Britany choose the outdoor space because she wanted to challenge herself. She really hadn’t had a bad moment yet, she adorable, makes good design decisions and her camera challenges are not bad. I just have to say it’s another version of the giant wall graphic. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the chevron with the wood fence, love love love it!! But it’s still more of the same that we have now seen every week from her. It looks like next week the designers design their own space and I feel Britany can really knock it out of the park, she is talented enough, just please no more giant graphic walls. Been there, done that I want to see something different.

Stanley built the wall, and built the deck, I don’t know if he really designed anything in the space. The judges seem to like him. He does bring a different point of view to the network so I can see why the judges like him. And yes I can agree that the cabana and furniture is lacking color but outdoor furniture selection is usually bland and not exciting. I like to use indoor furniture, poly it and bring it outdoors because outdoor furniture is so generic. So I agree with the critique but it’s really not Britany or Stanley’s fault. Overall another great job.

Onto Rachel’s and Kris’s outdoor space. Well hello Kris, another designer stepping up his game. His camera challenge is better, he’s attitude seems better and those succulent stumps he designed were genius. Those are going to be all over Pinterest. Everyone one is going to be making those… including me. I have long used stumps as side tables so I’m glad he added something special to them with the plants.

I couldn’t find any good photos of the entire space but heres the wooden pergola that replaced an ugly tin awning. It’s pretty and WAY better than what was there before but nothing too spectacular that any contractor or homeowner couldn’t have come up with on their own. So yes it’s nice but maybe hang globe lights, or candles or something from it to make it a little more designery and special.

And Rachel’s kid area. What happened Rachel! You started so strong and slipped up this week. She was clearly missing her daughter and wasn’t on her game. The kid area was bad in everyway shape and form. And to top it off it was right next to the trash, and it kind of looked like it was put next to the trash because it was supposed to go out with the trash. Sorry Rachel, not good, and I think she knew that. She was in the bottom 3, but clearly didn’t deserve to go home because she’s been so strong every other week. I have a feeling she is going to bring it next week to make up for this week.

Oh and last we have Meira and Danielle’s living room. It’s the worst of the bunch and I think Danielle got run over a bit by Meira. Meira started off the competition funny and sassy, but I don’t’ think she did well with the stresses and had quite a few dramatic moments this week and in the end went home. I don’t doubt Meira’s talent I just don’t think she was cut out for Design Star. Her camera challenge was by far the worst and her tip was bad. Frame fabric, um been there done that.

The built in was not worth it’s weight in the amount of time and stress it caused. You could have easily taken those ready-made case goods. Lined them all up, gave them a kick plate to tie them all together and floated the shelving above and gotten the same impact and it would have saved a ton of time. Measurements were wrong and she just expected everyone to bend over backwards for her and just “build the thing.” Not the right kind of attitude.

Danielle spent a lot of her time trying to fix Miera’s entertainment unit and didn’t finish her elements. I like Danielle, she clearly is a good designer and didn’t want to give the client faulty work, BUT this is a competition and sometime you have to let your competition dig their own graves. Production will go in and fix what was left undone they will never leave a client with a unfinished home. I wish Danielle would have just taken more time to complete her elements and walked away from the built in.

So what did you guys think? I can’t wait for next week, it looks like it’s another individual challenge, and we need one. No more standing in your fellow designer shadow… lets see who’s gonna take it to the next level and who’s had enough.


Design Star Episode 3 – Kardashian Jenner Communications part 2

Sorry it took me so long to post my review. I try to get it up the same night or next day but I was super busy and yesterday I was lucky to meet fellow winner of HGTV’s White Room Challenge¬†Clarione Gutierrez. He designed the amazing Bright Lights Big City display in the lighting episode AND he’s an amazing person as well.

Here is something that was clear to me this episode. The designers had to have been given a cohesive color pallet from Kris Jenner Kardashian. All the rooms were all grey, with chocolate floors and darks woods. So the designers needed to find creative ways to work within what the client wanted and bring themselves, and their style and make a wow moment. The best room in my opinion was…

Rachel and Stanley. Rachel is proving herself to be the designer to beat… but Stanley is finally finding showing us his stuff. I love that Rachel brought in¬†chartreuse. It’s a tricky color to get a client on board but the room needed it. I am not however a fan of the wallpaper choice. Just isn’t doing anything of me. Do remember that this design aesthetic is so far removed from mine it’s harder for me to critique. I like Stanley’s waterfall desk and they had a good camera challenge, and over all it was a good job. My only critiques are the drapes look messy. It’s too much volume, and I don’t like the sheen. There’s plenty of glam going on: in the desk, the chrome accents and the wallpaper. Maybe a simple flat panel grommet drape swould have been a better choice. Also I would have loved a vintage or vintage inspired piece thrown in. It would have given the room interest and character. You can do vintage in a modern glam hollywood space. It’s all about context my friends.

Up next Britany and Mikels conference room. I will say it was the easiest room in my opinion. That is nothing against Britany and Mikel, the room was chosen at random. Mikel found a white lacquered Parson’s table and bought two to make a large enough conference table. Smart yes, but not necessarily a genius moment. I’m still not seeing Mikel’s point of view, he mentioned he was into vintage, I’m not seeing it yet. I want to see your aesthetic come though Mikel, I’m still rooting for you. We do have to remember that he is limited to his shopping sources but thats where uber creativity needs to come into play. This room reads very Britany to me, like the first challenge. The mirror wall was the perfect moment for Britany. It’s bold and graphic like her lattice wall from the first challenge. Kris wanted mirror and Britany brought it in a creative way. It looks like she bought a bunch of 12 x 12 beveled mirrors and applied plywood to the back of 1/2 of them and adhered them to the wall in a checkerboard pattern… clever. One note is be careful not to become a one trick pony. You can’t repeat on TV like you can in real life. The mirror wall reminds me of the lattice wall and I worry if she does another 3D wall in the future it is going to be looked down upon. The camera challenge was very hosty. Britany and Mikel are cute, fun and I didn’t get their personalities coming across in the camera challenge. But it takes time to find your comfort level on camera, so I’m sure they will work the kinks out.

Kris and Miera’s reception area. Ok these two did not work well together. Kris hasn’t done well with partner challenges BUT I will say I found moments where I really liked Kris this week. He seems difficult to work with but maybe thats because he’s so confident in his design style and knows what he wants. You are going to have bickering anytime to take two type A personalities competing for the same prize but told to work together. His camera challenge was better but not great. The winner wins their own show so Kris is going to need to work on his likability factor or no-ones going to want to watch him. Miera to me is starting to feel defeated. Her elements in the design were good but she got emotional when prepping for the camera challenge. I will say because I have worked behind the scenes for a design show, THIS IS NOT EASY FOLKS. The stress can be insane and its so different from real world design. I think a combination of those factors affected Miera. She needs to pull it together and refocus or she’s going to go home. No red flags in this design but no wow moments either.

Hilari and Danielle. They had the best camera challenge and I really like both of them. Danielle has shown her point of view and I’m still waiting to see a bit more from Hilari. They had one of the harder rooms to accomplish. A kitchen, PR closet and makeup room. But guess what it looks like all the other rooms. Honestly all these rooms look the same, I’m not seeing any designers bringing themselves into the space with the exception of the chartreuse sofa from Rachel and thats probably because it’s the ONLY color in the entire office. All these room check certain boxes, glam factor, graphic wallpaper, grey walls… The kitchen didn’t get a graphic wallpaper but more of a textured diamond wallpaper. So yeah it was nice… but doesn’t read on camera at all. There was a uh-oh moment in the room when for whatever reason Danielle wanted to DIY wallpaper the enclosure for the closet and it didn’t turn out. So they hung curtains to cover the damaged walls. Here’s my opinion on that, NEVER DIY wallpaper. It’s not easy, just hire a professional or don’t do it. Can’t afford it??… try a wall stencil which is much more DIY friendly. And the damaged wall… really no big deal… fix the drywall, paint and done. In a timed challenge they didn’t have time, but I don’t think anyone should go home over such a glitch.

And last we have Bex and Luca. I’m sad to say I think Luca got to Bex, and she made some questionable choices and unfortunately she went home. Luca went home too, which I expected after last week, BUT I’m still disappointed because I still think Jordan deserved to stay and I would have loved to see Jordan’s take on this challenge. Luca needs a “timeout” attitude adjustment. I’m shocked even in his exit interview that he thinks he’s that much better than everyone. Do you not have eyes?? Reality check Luca, you were one of the weakest from challenge 1. This room, looks disjointed. Luca’s island is too small and honestly it’s just an island. Nothing special. I would have loved to see a rug and interesting piece of furniture functioning as an island to give this room something!! There ¬†are no soft surfaces in here at all. Bex’s display walls while clever feel a bit haphazard. (a shootout to Jason the carpenter WHO helped build that wall AND was my carpenter from White Room Challenge) And then there were those honeycomb shelves (not pictured here) although they bring interest they didn’t go with the rest of the room. Bex and Luca never have a solid game plan because they couldn’t play well together and it shows. If you want to design for TV you have to work well with others…Luca. You are not God and the crew does not bow down to you… they are your team and you need to work together as such. The art is nothing special. Hearing Luca say he was going to take the room colors and make art sounded like fingers on a chalkboard to me. Don’t match your art to your room! The art shouldn’t clash but it should never “match” blah. I may seem hard on Luca, but I’m upset Bex went home so early because of this challenge.

So hopefully we get to see a bit more of the designers signature style next week. This week we clearly saw Kardashian style, and not  too much of the designers flair mixed in.


Design Star Episode 3 – Kardashian Jenner Communications Part 1

So bummer HGTV usually posts some photos after Design Star airs but no pictures yet. I am going to start my post anyways because I wanted to share a bit about one of my favorite designers. And that designer is Jeff Andrews. The reason I wanted to share some of his amazing work is because he is Kris Jenner Kardashian’s designer. I would have loved to get my hands on this Design Star challenge: 1 – because I don’t design a lot of offices and I would have loved the challenge of trying to make such a typically sterile environment homey and interesting. 2 – because talk about connections, impress Kris Jenner Kardashian and your celebrity networking just got a lot more exciting. So anyways let’s meet the man behind some of the beautiful spaces you might have seen on TV in the Jenner Kardashian AND in the Odom Kardashian home. (he may have done more of the families but I am not sure)

So much to look at, so much to love.

Hi funky green wing backs. I actually own your missing cousin. I picked him up off craigslist and he is waiting to be reupholstered and loved.

Would you like some wood? I sure wood. I love anything that feels earthy, and still has amazing style. Look at those modern chrome chairs and how they give you a bit of interest next to all that woody wood.

That chair is more amazing than I have words for. And the chain and the dummy!!??

Love the¬†Tom Dixon¬†pendants. And the art… and the wood floor… and… and….

If I had kids I would want this playroom. Stylish, comfy… and those woven pendants… LOVE (sorry the name of them slips my brain at the moment)

So with that I will leave this post open ended, and add on the Design Star rooms my thoughts and my reaction to who went home….

see the review of the actual rooms here.


Design Star White Room Challenge

Ok well on Design Star, it’s called the White Box Challenge, the spin-off series is called White Room Challenge. (which I am excited to say is filming season 2 as we speak!) Either way, I love reviewing this challenge. I’ve been there, done that, so no excuses in my book. Here’s the thing, these designers auditioned for Design Star and therefore knew (unless they are the unlucky 1st to go) that this challenge was coming. There is no excuse for not having a concept!! So with that being said, lets get onto the reviews!!


Up first, Danielle. ¬†It’s a nice room. The graphic is pretty. I do love black and I like the gold. I just wish there was another color involved. Like a surprise hot pink, or something…something to get me excited. Nothing is really repurposed. I think part of the challenge was to take an item and turn it into something else. Well I see a sofa, coffee table end table and lamp. It looks like she may have tuned her side table into her coffee table… Nothing is really wowing me. You can tell from this space she has a good eye. I understand why she placed the ugly lamp to the right of the sofa. The X graphic is intentionally not centered and she wanted to fill the vertical space to the right of the sofa. Doing so helps balance the space. It’s too bad what she had was that lamp. She probably could have pulled it off if she had changed the shade. It’s ok Danielle I had an ugly light in my white room, it happens. The judges really ripped you on the lamp, but at the end of the day it’s just a lamp. I do wish you would have done something to the floor to make it appear different from the walls. Overall nice job.


Up next Britany. It’s another taped painted wall graphic. (Oh man was there a lot of blue tape happening, not just in Britany’s room in every room) Ok so it’s safe. I really wanted a huge graphic “Britany special” but instead we got a play on wainscoting. It’s been done before (Nina season 5 did something similar) It’s pretty and makes an impact on camera but it’s predictable and I don’t think Britany’s design style is predictable. Again the walls blend into the floors. The coffee table is, well it’s a coffee table. It’s nice but I want a wow. Her wow moment was the neat chandelier she created with gold chains and a lattice end table. That was a pretty moment Britany. It reminds me of a chandelier Emily Henderson¬†did for a Pinterest Challenge. Here she is being super cute and wearing it as a skirt.

So nice job Britany. I can’t wait to see more. So far it’s two very blue rooms… I know you have way more up your pretty little sleeves.

Rachel, what can I say you knocked it out the park. You took the painted wall graphic to a new level and I thank you. I do want to know how many paint colors you guys got!!?? On my White Room Challenge we got 3, and I purchased Emerald Green, black and white. I see my color pallet in your room but you popped it with pink, purple and yellow. The use of pattern is superb and current. The Moroccan tile inspired black and white graphic mixed with an irregular chevron and then finished up with a black and white stripe. Love it. I too have a fashion design background and I like your ¬†freehanded fashion lady. I love all the plants, it’s a tad overkill, but that could also be due the fact they are in their plastic pots and not pretty pots. (which totally isn’t your fault, budgets and time factor in on this) I would have liked to see the pots maybe dipped inpaint… just to give them a bit more detail.

Like these. Just a thought. Overall good job Rachel. You got the win and I 100% agree.


And here we have Bex’s room. Let me just say, there is one color as a designer I have a hard time using and that color is purple. Don’t ask me why it’s so hard for me. Anytime a client asks for purple, lavender or aubergine or whatever you want to call it I get a sickening feeling in my stomach. I don’t know why. I have worked with purple at clients request and it turns out pretty every time but I just have to be honest, it’s not my color. Here¬†Bex picked a blue shade of purple. It’s not a bad color and it looks good on camera and she’s wearing it. I love the copper silhouette, reminds me of those vintage silhouette necklaces and broaches. And I do appreciate she thought out of the box a little more than other contestants. The PVC pipe screens show her ability to reuse things in unexpected ways (which was part of the challenge but the judges didn’t talk much about it in judging) Nice job Bex.

Here’s Mikel. Out of all the rooms his room appears pretty bland and I think it has to do with the paint color. My biggest pet peeve in the spin-off White Room Challenge was the use of bland colors and unfortunately they came back again in Mikel’s room. This is your chance to go big, not bland. The way he stamped his rug was great. The sofa is a reddish color, which is ok. I’m not loving this color pallet it feels a bit dated and traditional. I know Mikel is not dated or traditional. I wish he would have pulled his color pallet from this outfits because he dresses so well. The wood elements are ok for me. Nothing special. The rope detail was neat and shows hints of his creative talents. I just wish I saw all his talent come though not just hints. Not bad Mikel but I know you have more to show us.

Luca. I am just going to be completely honest and say I highly dislike this room. I 100% disagree with the judges and think Luca should have went home. There is NOTHING special in this room. Ok wait the tiny light fixture was neat. The rest just bad. He used 80’s oak color contact paper for the flooring… bad. And there a weird literal butter color on the wall, which clashes with the floors. This doesn’t make me want to see more from Luca. I will say he’s lucky he’s getting another chance next week. Let see if he can live up to all this big talk from day 1.


Ok Kris. Another room I’m not in love with. I also did not like his camera challenge. I will say the concept for this room was the best out of all the designers. But the room isn’t living up to the concept for me. My husbands a firefighter and this really isn’t something someone wants to see, a burned house. What about all those people who have lost their homes, or even worst loved ones in a fire, I’m sure they didn’t appreciate this either. Then you though a flag into the mix. It’s isn’t representing Americana. Sorry, even though the concept was creative, the overall design was slightly offensive and I think Kris should have been in the bottom.


Jordan, Jordan Jordan! I’m really upset Jordan went home. I liked him on camera and I think he knew this wasn’t his best work but he CLEARLY wasn’t the worst. His concept wasn’t great but at least he had one… Luca… The red bamboo arch shows me hints of his talent. He got busted by the judges for just buying items and putting them into the room, well I will say a lot of designers just keep the items they had and placed them into the room… so why is everyone picking on Jordan ūüôĀ¬†I really don‚Äôt have much to say, the room and concept is better than Luca‚Äôs, Jordan reads on camera better than Luca. Jordan should have stayed.

And here’s Hilari. The mint green jewelry box. I like mint green, in fact thats the color that is on my nails right now. I just don’t understand why she pinked mint for her jewelry bling bling concept. It isn’t working.

See mint can work in a color pallet. Here it’s paired with pinks and yellows. I would love to do mint right in an interior… any takers!!? The fringe on the sofa was really her only good moment. Hilari mentioned she isn’t handy, but no excuses lady. You knew this challenge was coming. She deserved to be in the bottom, but I respect the fact that she knew it wasn’t her finest hour. I don’t think she should have gone home… Luca…. did I mention Luca should have gone home!!?? But I do agree her room was in the bottom. Hillari I’m sure will bounce back, she’s a smart and has a great personality on camera.


Last up Stanley. This room reminds me of Eli’s Outers space underground room from White Room challenge. I think of lot of HGTV audience isn’t going to understand this space, because it’s so out of the box. BUT that’s what David Bromstad asked for. I remember when we filmed my episode of White Room Challenge we were told don’t do an art installation, but if you do stick a chair in it. That way it’s coming from an interior design point of view. Well Stanley did that literally. He made a colorful light art installation and stuck a sideways sofa in it. Was it creative, yes, was it the best, no. But he intrigues me and I want to see more. I want to see if he can design a beautiful room, I can’t tell yet.


Last up Miera. Miera called me out for calling her room forgettable. I try to critique as honestly as I can, the good AND the bad however I think I did add a little salt in the wound because Miera’s room was left out of the initial blog review on HGTV and for that I apologize. I will say when you go on TV be prepared for people to express their opinions… and most of the time it isn’t nice. On White Room Challenge I totally loved my design however I read some not so nice reviews of my room.(in fact some some were down right mean) So if you want to make a career in TV I recommend you have thick skin OR just don’t read the reviews. I do my best to be honest without being mean. Anyways onto Miera’s room. It reminds me of Mikel’s room. It’s nice, but nothing special. Which was what I meant when I called it forgettable… nothing offensive but no real wow moments either. For what ever reason she had a hard time putting the blocks on the back wall. Dare I say glue gun or nail gun??!! That should have been an easy installation. I do like that she painted out a tile pattern on the floor so her walls didn’t melt into the floor. And I do have to say I think everyone bought that white um er rug is it? It’s in Britany’s, Mikel’s, Danielle’s, Bex’s and Miera’s room. Miera did use it differently and hung it on the wall. I really hope to see Miera’s style come out in a future challenge. So far I feel like she’s playing it a little too safe.

Oh and I have to say how awesome was it to have Vanilla Ice as a judge. I was dying when he kept quoting himself. What did everyone else think, should Jordan have gone home? (NO) Who did you hate, who did you love… who’s getting annoying on camera?!



Design Star Episode 1

Alright, the suspense is over. Last night we finally got to meet the cast of Design Star and see if their work lives up to, or exceeds their portfolios that were posted online. The show started out with intro’s from the cast, photos of their portfolios and them gathering talking about their styles. No real red flags on personalities yet. Luca acted like a bit of a know-it-all saying he could do everyone’s job, but everyone else seemed nice…. so far. So out pops David Bromstad who is not both the host and mentor this season. This weeks challenge is to makeover their LA mansion. The designers will pair up with their assigned partner and design either a bedroom, great room, den or design studio. They also had brought an item from home with represents them that needs to be incorporated into the design.



Alright. So up first the great room. Design by Danielle and Luca. Can I just say bravo. One thing I liked about this season is they told us the designers had 3 days, and a painter and a carpenter to help them complete their rooms, in fact I saw our carpenters from White Room Challenge, you guys rock! Anyways that makes a huge different having that help. The designers also have to deal with where ever production allows them to shop, but I will say I am from LA and they got to shop some great places. So overall great job guys. My critiques may seem nit picky because overall the room is stunning, but here I go. I am not a huge fan of the blue accent wall. The grey is so beautiful I would have just taken that color all the way around the space. It would have allowed those dummy drapes to pop more with a more saturated grey behind them. The only other issue for me is the furniture arrangement. It’s looks nice, is a great scale, but it’s not really functional. If your sitting on one sofa, you can’t really talk to someone on the sofa across the room, unless your yelling. The chairs are all facing the middle of the room, so it just doesn’t lend to anyone being able to have conversations in the room. Maybe they could have ¬†used the two rugs to define two furniture group, and not every piece of seating angled towards no-mans-land. However this is TV so they did arrange the furniture so it looks great on camera. Over all great room.

Up next. Britany and Mikel’s bedroom. Hello color. David Bromstad loved this room and I can tell why. The colors are bold saturated and complement each other nicely. The bight blue even complements the blonde wood build-in which they clearly couldn’t alter during their makeover. I can tell they did a lot of their shopping at West Elm. Britany did a big 3d lattice wall which was stunning. Bravo Britany. This room looks like your style and that an important concept to get across from the show. Mikel says he’s more vintage but maybe they couldn’t shop a vintage store so he did what he could to bring in his style. The ottoman reupholstered was clever. It wouldn’t have gone in the room with it’s existing red upholstery. The confessional chair is a nice moment in the corner with the pink table. Ok so the only changes I would have made to this room are: The ottoman is floating with no point on a random hyde rug. The floors are cold and tile, I would have liked to see a big sisal or jute rug rug on the floor with the hyde layered over the top so it didn’t seem as if fell from outer space. The ottoman idea maybe could have been done with a bench or furniture piece for the end of the bed so it had a bit more purpose. The pink is being pulled from the pink accent pillows but those pink taxidermy’s are a very “Antonio” moment from previous Design Star season. And last I’m not a huge fan of the canopies above the bed. I’ve seen it done before. I would have liked maybe Britnay using her lattice work into some kind of headboard. Overall amazing room guys, can’t wait to see what you are going to do in the White Room!!! #teambritnay #teammikel

And here’s another bedroom. Miera and Jordan’s bedroom. Let me just say I love Jordan’s accent, I would watch your show just for your accent. Anyways onto the room. Again this room feels very “West Elm.” And believe me nothing wrong with West Elm I love the store, I just think for a design competition you don’t want your space to feel like a stores showroom, it needs to feel original unexpected and inspiring. Those elements are what are going to make people want to see more from you. The chevron wall graphic. Love it. Chevrons are all over the place right now, if Miera would have just taped it off and painted it I would have thought it was expected. However sense she free-handed it, it gives it a bit more organic less “perfect” feel and I appreciate that. Jordan’s table he designed and brought from home speaks clearly to his style and fits right in this room. This room clearly had the easiest floor plan. Both the bedrooms were pretty straight forward but this room was a smaller scale, which makes it slightly easier. The colors are pretty. The room is pretty. No wow moment in here, but no red flags either. I can’t wait to see what Miera and Jordan accomplish in the future.

Hillari and Rachels den. Another more humanly scaled room in the mansion. Overall I like it. I will say I LOVE that you brought in live plants. That is right up my ally. I’m obsessed with that sofa. So glad you picked it Hillari. I love the black accents, black is a color a lot of clients are afraid of, and Rachel your choices are done to perfection. Whats not perfection is that tiny tv. It was addressed by the judges on the show, I think if Hillari would have just painted the inside of the molding black it might have helped. The choices in here work well with the existing built-in. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of and it’s a personal issues is the rug. I don’t mind an animal print at all, I just wish the scale of the print was bigger so it looked a little more updated. Again thats a personal choice, there is nothing wrong with the rug at all. Nice job ladies.

Awe yes, the design workroom and lounge. By Yuki and Stanley. Can I just say this room is yucky Yuki. The only thing is here that is working for me is the flooring and the metal sculpture. Everything else can be trashed, in fact thats where the wall mural looks like it came from. The best explanation of the wall mural is “Color Splash’s trash can threw up on the wall.” Sorry guys, its not good. It wasn’t good before the trash and frames and really not good after. The wall colors are horrid, and then on top of that color Yuki wanted to throw in a bright orange sofa. And it gets worse, the furniture is on a weird angle , and it’s just floating with no rug or anything to ground the group. My biggest issue is this is supposed to be a design work room but how can any designer function and get inspired with all that harsh color. Dare I say I would want my workroom to be white so that it wouldn’t complete with the projects I am working on?? Yuki went home first. No one wants to be the designer to go home first so I feel for you Yuki.

Last but not least Bex and Kris’s bedroom. This was the hardest bedroom by far, just based on the shape of the room. The idea of the two twin beds and the daybed works, the day bed is just visually too heavy for the space. Bex had a neat idea to cut star constellations out of the daybed but the execution fell short. But that wasn’t nearly as bad as Kris paint color. If the color wasn’t bad enough he even went as far a using a semi gloss, a no-no on camera. It’s reflective and will reflect all the camera lighting, and not in a good way. I like the idea of the pops of neon happening in the art and the tape table but why make that compete with such a heavy wall color? The Wassily chair is ok, nothing exciting. The bedding is blah but looks neat (except for those throws) I don’t like the drapery color with the wall color. I loved Bex’s art with the hand, and I liked the tape table and the match. I don’t’ like the rest. Kris seemed a little bossy and I see much more of him in this room than Bex. I can’t wait to see what these two have working on their own next week.

Overall great episode, dare I say one of the best first episodes so far!!?? The cast is really stepping it up this season. I can’t wait for next week to check out those white rooms! I think that is the episode where true creativity really shines.


White Room Challenge… Collectables

Ok thanks for waiting a day for my post. So this week on White Room Challenge we had the biggest challenge yet. The wall-less challenge. Not only did we not have walls, we did not have furniture. Nothing…. we basically had a framed out 10 x 10 space. So it’s surreal to watch and realize how much I missed because I was in such shock. So when we walked in and meet David, let me just tell you I really had no idea what he said other than “Welcome to the White Room Challenge,” and “wall-less” challenge. My mind was running a hundred miles a min, I didn’t even catch where we were shopping (at some point I asked if we were going to a wall store) I was super excited that after we finished the intro filming and knew our challenge (because trust me you wonder for weeks whats coming) that we were going to be shopping at Nicks Metropolis. I’m from LA and have shopped there before, but basically it’s a antique, prop- junk store full of amazingness. HOWEVER, for those who have shopped LA for antiques and such you know this stuff is not cheap. This is not craigslist, this is a store, shopped by many production companies. When you have a high demand for this stuff like LA, the prices go up. Basically that means that $1000 does not go far, and thats all we had for budget. Oh and don’t forget our paint and anything we get on set to build our room comes from that $1000 as well. That put lots of exciting items from Nick’s simply out of budget. (David said he was disappointed in us for this but budget is budget, so we had to buy cheaper stuff and turn it into amazingness) That being said lets get on to the reviews and info you did see…

Our challenge was the wall-less challenge, create a sense of enclosure without building walls. We needed to give the feeling of our room type (bedroom, dining, living and office) but it doesn’t have to be functional. Think way outside the box, and we were going to be judged on how imaginative and ingenious our designs were though the use of our collectables. So here we are,¬†Jennifer Glickman the sweet Interior Designer from Boston. Love her to death, she owns her own design company and lately from her twitter it looks like she’s been working on a lot of restaurant designs. Me, I’m a freelance designer, with an undergrad in fashion design and later went on to complete courses in interior design. I worked on the first 2 seasons of Secrets From a Stylist and just recently got hired by Anthropologie as their home department manager. David Slivinski, the New York interior designer who designs for clients with unlimited budgets. Last, Mark Griffin he went back to school for interior design and he’s a hair dresser as well.

Now onto the reviews. Jen’s constructed deconstruction bedroom. Ok it’s harder to review when you know the designers on these spaces, but I am going to try to look at these rooms with a critical eye. I really didn’t know what Jen was doing the entire challenge, I was painting my floor in my room day 1 and she spent most of day 1 in the work room. Her room was still empty day 1 except for the grey floor she painted. I do know from talking to her that she completely spec’d the platform bed for her carpenter. It’s impressive she can design furniture like that on the fly. The platform bed looked like something you could buy in a store, but that was also the problem, it looked like something you could buy in a store. Our challenge was to be imaginative and ingenious, and although impressive, it was at the end of the day, a well built platform bed. She cut apart stools and wicker furniture to make the headboard but alas it was still a headboard. Put that headboard in a model home on an actual wall with her floating nightstands and it could be a pretty moment. In this room however, it wasn’t working. When Jen realized she designed WAY to literal it was too late so she got upset and threw spaghetti all over her floor, ok not really… but had she have said this was a room of a child with an crazy italian mother I would have been onboard. David Bromstad hit the nail on the head when he said her room never became as great as the ideas in her head and Jenn takes 4th.

Mark’s outdoor dining room. Ok here something funny I don’t remember when he painted that floor. His floor was grey like Jens’s most of the time and I don’t remember seeing him paint the flagstone pattern… so sneaky you are Mark. Ok so Mark’s aesthetic was the closest to mine and based on his purchases I originally thought he was going to be the biggest competition. In fact Marks room is just as pretty if not prettier than Monica’s from the salvaged episode, and she won that episode. If someone had this in their backyard everyone would be loving it. I do agree he could have had more pillows but I don’t remember any pretty pillows being available in the stock room. The lightly is moody. The way he painted that floor with cardboard cutout templates was genius. The arch is just as it was in at Nicks he didn’t repurpose it he simply placed it in his room. He made the the tables and the wall scrolly stuff. He hung those cute tables, he did mention to me later that he was worried I would think he copied my hanging chairs when he hung his tables, because I actually hung mine first BUT he totally didn’t copy me. My intention was the chairs were falling… not hanging pretty like his tables. So overall a very pretty space, but also pretty real world and although his space was my favorite after my own… it didn’t take the concept far enough and Mark takes 3rd.

David’s “think tank,” office. Ok I have to admit I never actually heard David’s concept while we were working I just saw his space. I LOVE the concept of the think tank / thought bubble. The concept is super creative, and there are a lot of creative moments in his room… David’s super funny, creative and totally one up’d my doodling comment. I just have to say I’m not a fan of the overall design. I think I called his room “80’s Vegas on a Cruise Ship.” David managed to take 50’s diner tables and turn them into a crazy 80’s light up steps leading up to a throne. He used the base of the tables to make that light in the back. He turned whirlybird vents into stools of some sort. And don’t forget the bedazzled spider web. I love David’s creativity… and his concept… but I think he could have edited the room a little more. His aesthetic is so far removed from mine, I can appreciate his creativity I just can’t say I’m in love with the actual design. David takes home runner up.

Ok onto my room. Of course this review is going to be a tad longer. I am going to try to touch on all the stuff I did that didn’t show up on the show. Ok first off the floor, yep I drew that out with a pencil a ruler and a string to make the circles. I painted it freehand by edging, I didn’t tape it out because I wanted to save time, and I kinda designed it as I went. I just started in the middle and worked my way out. The back wall was done with furniture legs and then I saw a mannequin so I incorporated the mannequin leg as well… I love me a good appendage. Ok so something you didn’t see is I made that coffee table. It looked like this when I bought it…

It was some kind of weird greek inspired pedestal thingy. My carpenter and I cut the base and the legs off, I flipped the legs so that they were coming out of the center so it could stand up without the greek base, repaired the broken edge, and cut out a new top out of MDF. Then I used a combination of spray paint, stain and I even burned the top a little to age it like the base. I was super excited for the finished coffee table.

It went from bad greek, to neato Alice in Wonderland. So to clear things up I didn’t just buy the table and throw it into the room. That is also why I didn’t smash it like the judges suggested. I appreciate the suggestions BUT the idea wasn’t that everything came crashing down the rabbit hole… it was just falling. I liked the disorientation of the chairs juxtaposing the quite moment of the coffee table. If I could go back and change it… I wouldn’t… I stand by that decision. Maybe Meg got the idea from her room when she broke her table during the last min in her White Room Challenge…

Yep sorry Meg had to do it. You were pretty hard on my room, and I appreciate good criticism, but I have to beg to differ. You felt like I didn’t follow though and wished I would have hung everything. Believe me I thought about it, but I wanted the juxtaposition, I didn’t want it to seem like I came up with a great idea and ruin it by taking it too far and making my room seem like one note. So we can agree to disagree on that one, I still love your show and your designs and respect your critiques. Jamie Durie’s critique about my drapes I felt was kinda a complement in a weird way. He thought my drapes were too predictable for “me,” so I guess he was expecting me to come up with a more creative idea for my side wall-less walls. What you didn’t see is that those weren’t drapes. It was just white cotton fabric I got in the stock room. I cut and sewed a pocket into the top so I could hang it like drape and I dyed it by pooring my green paint into a bucket with water and dipped my drapes into the water. I put the drapes into the room because my room needed color, it wasn’t a cop out as a way to create a sense of enclosure… but I can see how you could think that not knowing where those drapes came from… so now you know ūüôā

What else did you miss… oh yes remember Mark criticizing me for buying a sofa?? He thought it was too conventional. Well yes I bought a crazy 60’s rattan sofa… I happen to love rattan if it’s used correctly, but it didn’t end up end up being a sofa, I cut the back off and used it as my art. The wood element came from a wine rack I bought and disassembled for parts. I painted a white chihuahua as a play on the white rabbit… because I have a chihuahua and this was my wonderland room after all.

Same idea on the other items, only I painted a clock as a play on the white rabbit’s pocket watch and the fact that we were timed in our challenge. Kinda cheesy yes but I needed a reason why I did everything so I could defend it at judging if I needed too. The one thing I would have changed in my room is the light. I originally wanted to make a chandelier but I wasn’t going to have time as it wasn’t on the highest priority of what my room needed. I did that ugly little light fixture in the last hour of the challenge… I didn’t address lighting in my room at all and thought I wash going to be questioned about it. I didn’t think I needed lighting, the studio lights lit up my room fine, and in reality my room was a rabbit hole, so there wouldn’t be lighting, but I second guessed myself and hung that stupid lightbulb with the pathetic shade made out the the rings from the wine rack. So thats my ugly moment, David called me out on it, but that got edited out.


Last, I’m going to give a huge shout out to my carpenter Jason. He was amazing!! I couldn’t have done it all without him, although I would have tried. Something funny is we matched on day 2, both wearing plaid… because I love me some plaid. I do say on camera I have a slight obsession with lumberjacks but I guess that was too weird and got edited out. I also said in the beginning, “I’m Rebecca a designer from Vegas who’s not afraid to get my hands dirty…. I’m the dirty girl from Las Vegas….” it was a totally joke everyone was laughing and would had been funny but alas the second part got edited out… Oh well my snarky comments get edited off tv, BUT I edit my own blog so I shall share them here… ūüôā

Phew thats a long post… so thoughts… comments… what did everyone think!!