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A very fun playroom indeed. This was a super fun project, and it’s the first project I filmed the progress of the makeover. So coming soon will be a mini-makeover video of this space, filled with tips. And also a DIY video for those who want the challenge of building a toy shelf.


Before I got started the room looked like this:

Before Playroom

This room, like most of my makeovers, started from a Virtual Makeover design. My client requested something either beachy or woodsy inspired. I obviously went with the woodsy theme, as I have been dying to put a teepee in a space. The space is very small (maybe 10′ x 11′) So I didn’t want to put too much into the room so there would be room to play.



The client requested to have a tv and extra storage for toys. My husband and I built the shelf. It was inspired by the Oeuf Mini Library, but that shelf wasn’t in the budget. So I took on the challenge and built a replica. The upcoming DIY video will be for that toy shelf. Originally we had talked about a 33″ tv for the room but a 42″ tv showed up after the shelf was built. The original plan to mount the TV directly above the shelf was scraped because the larger tv dwarfed the shelf. Instead I offset the TV and filled the negative space with those super cute Yarn Bombed Antlers.  Problem solved. I will say, when dealing with tv’s, one must be flexible because they almost always grow in size from the original plan. But I actually think I like this setup better than the original plan anyways.


The closet went white to make it feel updated and fresh. Prior to my clients owning the home, this space was an office and that big empty hole in the custom closet built-in housed a wine refrigerator. (because one needs a large wine refrigerator in an office) Anyways, we decided to make use of the closet space to help keep the room clean and hung a piece of plywood over the opening and painted it with a magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. A much more inexpensive solution than hiring a carpenter to fabricate a custom door. My friend Lars did the amazing chalkboard art.


I chose a round table and round stools because they don’t have dangerous pointy corners. Plus adults can sit (sorta) comfortably on those stools. Little kid chairs with backs are much more of a challenge for an adult than a stool. I also included a small gallery wall to feature “kid” art.


And finally my favorite part… the teepee. I hung a few picture ledges to feature some of the little clients favorite books, and filled the teepee with a comfy sheepskin and pillows. Perfect for play or reading time.








5 thoughts on “Virtual Makeover | Playroom

  1. Hi! Great job on this playroom! It is darling!! Can you tell me where you found the play table and chairs? Thanks!

    1. Hello Stephanie!
      Glad you enjoyed the playroom. I just posted the shopping sources here

      Also book mark the site as I will be doing a “Virtual Makeover” giveaway in a few weeks :-)

  2. Hi, where can I find the link for your DIY video on making the replica Oeuf mini library. I would love this for my daughter’s room but it is out of my budget so a DIY option would be awesome, thanks

    1. Hi Lia,
      I never got around to posting the DIY but I would be happy to help you. Email me at rebecca @ and I will be happy to explain to you have to build it.

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