DIY Valentines Photo Backdrop

Here’s a sweet little Valentine backdrop that’s super easy to make, and the photos make for awesome Valentine gifts. All you need to create this backdrop is red fabric or background paper. I purchased this red muslin from Amazon for only $16.99. You will also need white cardstock (you want something a little thicker than regular paper) scissors and white duct tape.

Step One DIY Valentine Backdrop

To start, just cut out a bunch of different sized hearts. First fold your paper in half and cut out half a heart. That way your heart is symmetrical and has a crease down the center. I cut out 4 different sizes and then used those sizes as templates to make the rest of the hearts.

Step Two DIY Valentine Backdrop

Next step is to tape your red backdrop to the wall. I used red duct tape but any color duct tape will work. I also let my baseboard show since I thought it provided a nice transition to the wood floors. If you don’t have wood floors you can use a fuzzy rug or faux wood floor photo mat. After your red backdrop is up, add a loop of duct tape to the back of one side of your hearts.

Step Three

And last step is to tape the one side your heart to the wall so the other side “pops” off. Make sure you use white duct tape for this so that way the color of the tape doesn’t show though the white heart and it’s strong enough tape your hearts don’t fall off.

DIY Valentine Backdrop

I have photography lights but if you have a room with a good window, natural light is best. I only use my lights when I don’t have daylight. You can also use a flash, you don’t need a fancy setup to make these photos look awesome. DIY Valentine Backdrop

Then just make prints of your favorite photos. One of my favorite places to get prints is Minted. They add a bit of elevation to ordinary prints and turn them into “Art.” They are also offering awesome Valentine inspired prints. My favorite that goes great with this backdrop is the XOXO print. And they are also offering free 2-day shipping on art and gifts over $75 with code VALENTINEFS2.

MInted XOXO Print

Also be sure to check out Minted Art Gallery as well for awesome prints. I love using Minted Prints on my Custom Gallery Wall designs. The prints are made from Independent Artist and I can always find great prints that reflect my clients personality.



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