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I have been terrible updating my new designs to my website, but I couldn’t resist sharing this new installation. The room is still in-progress but the butterfly installation is complete. My client was inspired by West Elm‘s Jewel toned Christmas Decorations. I get super excited when inspiration comes beyond typical baby stores. In fact, nothing in the last two nurseries I’ve designed had anything “baby” except the necessities, crib, changing pad etc. Here I decided to create an installation spanning the entire corner of the room It not only engages the entire room, but also acts as a beautiful mobile on the ceiling for baby to gaze up at. And don’t worry the installation is baby proofed, safely secured to the ceiling. In fact the ceiling would have to fall down for the display to fall down. These photos don’t don’t do the display justice, they were taken with my iPhone. See the competed after photos here.
butterfly-display I may post a how-to later down the road. I really didn’t have a plan going into the installation. I’m just glad the client is also my friend and trusted me as I showed up with a handful of curly willow branches and tons of butterfly Christmas ornaments. I knew I wanted the display to look like a tight grouping of butterflies at the base and disperse out and scatter, but other than that I really had no plan. I starting by hanging the first branch. (These are anchored to the ceiling, and hung with clear filament which I drilled through the branch. I attached to the walls with simple eye hooks and wire. The wall attachments are not structural so if by chance something or someone pulls it off the wall the installation won’t fall)

butterfly-display2 Then I just worked my way up. Hanging more branches, attaching more butterflies until I got the shape I wanted. Curly willow branches are not very full so I used about 3 bundles I purchased from the wholesale florist, and kept adding to get the fullness I wanted. 
butterfly-display3 These photos were just taken with my iPhone so they don’t really do the installation justice. The dresser is a vintage piece purchased off craigslist and sprayed a high gloss emerald green. I still have to finish the display to tie the butterflies to the dresser, but I have ideas… I can’t wait to finish, style and photograph the room. Any design when I get to incorporate displays with interior design, make me the most excited. Stay tuned…



9 thoughts on “Butterfly Nursery | Display Sneak Peek

    1. Hi Erin,
      I purchased the butterflies from West Elm, they were Christmas decor. You can, however, just google “feather butterflies” to find other companies that sell something similar.

    1. Hi Keren,
      Thanks for visiting the site! I will be doing an update on this post next week. The site recently just re-launched and I’m planning on having 2-3 posts a week starting next week, so be sure you check back! (I will also have the shopping resource guide for this makeover posted as well)

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