Butterfly Nursery | Behind the Scenes

Here’s a little behind the scenes of the Butterfly Nursery I posted earlier this month.

Before | After Butterfly Nursery I really wish I had taken the before picture from the same angle. Basically the bed was on the wall where the gold antler deer head is in the after picture. The room was a guest room, and it needed to be re-designed to be a nursery while still keeping the bed for guests. Luckily the room is really large, so having it function as both a guest room and nursery wasn’t a problem at all.

West-Elm-Butterflies The inspiration came from a Christmas collection from West Elm. My client really liked the jewel toned butterflies. I was thinking we could spray a dresser emerald green, and that could function as a changing table. Then create a butterfly display overtop that would fill the entire corner of the room and reach over the crib and serve the function as a colorful mobile for baby. (now trying to describe that to my client, thats another story… luckily she’s also my friend so the words “trust me” really came into play)

LeslieInsta I shared this photo on instagram of an amazing dresser I found on craigslist (actually there was two dressers, my client is standing by the taller one but they purchased both a tall and short dresser for $150… I was so jealous) My client wasn’t really a fan of vintage furniture, but she was on board. As a designer it’s so nice to work with a client who’s willing to let you create.

beforeafterdresser So off to get sprayed. I was originally going to lacquer the dresser but sometimes lacquers are hard to get the colors right when you are choosing a custom color, so I choose a new Benjamin Moore paint called Aura in a high gloss. The color is called Emerald Isle. I hired a professional to spray the dresser.  1 2 Butterflies Next came the installation. Using tons of the West Elm butterfly ornaments and curly willow branches I purchased at a wholesale florist, (you can get these at Micheal’s or any craft or floral shop)  I just started to create the display. I wish I could give you a better description of how I did it, but I didn’t really have a plan going into it. I hung hooks on the ceiling to hang the branches from, and attached them to the wall with smaller hooks and fishing line. I also used hot glue to secure the branches to each other to get the shape I wanted. Then I just started clipping butterflies all over the branches. (the butterflies were for a Christmas tree so they had little clips on the back) I wanted it to be a large group of butterflies at the base of the branch and then the disperse out as the display extended over the crib.


wireartbeforeafter After the display was complete, I needed to think of something that would complement the display and tie it into the dresser. I had seen these wire art words and thought about doing one saying “Once upon a time,” because the room was starting to feel fairy tale like. I purchased armature wire and bent it into the words. The armature wire was an alloy so it wouldn’t solder where I had to piece it together, so I just used JB weld (which is an epoxy or “cold weld”) Then I sprayed the wire art gold to complement the hardware on the dresser. windowvalance Lastly I built and upholstered the cornice box above the window. My client already had a white blackout roman shade but the window felt a little naked. Because of the placement of the crib adding drapes wouldn’t have been functional so I just built a simple cornice box and upholstered it in a colorful ikat.

The room was a lot of fun to create, and just to put things into perspective. My client contacted me around the beginning of December to create the room, and baby arrived in the beginning of January. So the room wasn’t 100% complete before her arrival but it all came together 🙂


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32 thoughts on “Butterfly Nursery | Behind the Scenes

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  2. So. Funny story. We just painted a MCM-ish dresser Emerald Isle by Benjamin Moore. You know how it is, started out all, “I AM SO CREATIVE” and now have seen 3 more in similar colors. That being said, I obviously LOVE this and love the brass hardware! Ours will be installed shortly as an entertainment center. Fingers crossed it’s as big a hit as yours! 🙂 Great work and amazing butterflies and wire words! 🙂

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    1. Hi Krystal,
      The branches were between 3′-5′ long and I wired them together to extend the display around the corner of the room. I attached them both to the wall with eye hooks and the ceiling with clear fishing line. Hope that helps!

  4. approximarly how many butterflies did you use. Trying to recreate this gorgeous set up and I’m ordering similar butterflies online

    1. I think I bought 8 packages of the small and large butterflies. I think the large package had 8 and the small package had 10. I would recommend over buying what you think you need and just return what you don’t use. It’s better to have to much than not enough. Please share your creation when you are done I’d love to see it! Best of luck!

  5. Do you know the approximate size of the two butterflies? I am trying to re-create this design on our patio and looking on amazon for butterflies. Finding out that there are a lot more options than I expected.

    1. I think the larger butterflies were around 4 inches across the wings and the smaller were about 2 inches. Hope that helps.

  6. where can I find the butterflies? I’ve tried west elm and they don’t have any. Is there a link where I can find them? Pretty please and thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Try looking on amazon or googling “feather butterflies” you should be able to find some that way 🙂

      1. Rebecca,
        Do your buteflies have a safety pin on the back, as a clip? I found what you were talking about on amazon but they have safety pins as clips and one person commented on them being cardboard like. Is that true? They look super cute, so I was wondering if i should get them for my nursery. I will also be getting the will branches from micheals like u said to do. Please help me!

        1. mine had little metal alligator clips on the back. The wings were features and they didn’t have any cardboard on them. If you order some I would try a package and just make sure theres a good return policy if the are not what you like. The branches I used were curly willow.

    1. Hi Kirsti,
      I didn’t anchor the branch into the wall It’s secured in the ceiling using toggle hooks and thick fishing line and I used hot glue on the knots so it wouldn’t come loose. I just used little eye hooks in the drywall with fishing line to hold it against the wall but if say a baby pulls on it, it may pull away from the wall but it won’t fall since the support is in the ceiling. The baby I installed it for it now 1 and happy to say it’s still in tact.

  7. Hi! I love the decorations! We’re expecting our first child so we’re looking at turning our office into the baby room. Random question though. What color is your wall paint and floor stain? We found hardwood floors under our carpet in our home and are planning on repainting and restaining the whole upstairs. I love your colors and its exactly what I’ve wanted! Thanks!

    1. Hi Candace,
      The wall color is Ben Moore “Smoke Embers 1466” The floors are a laminate so I don’t know the exact color, but it’s pretty close to a Walnut color stain.

  8. Love the colors! Random question though. Do you know the color of the walls and floor? We’re repainting and restaining or while upstairs and those are the exact colors I’ve been looking for! Thanks!

  9. I love your idea! It looks so amazing. My mom loved it as well but we have been trying to find those butterflies with no success in sight so far. So can we just make paper cut outs and paint the paper butterflies with vivid colors? Do you think it will work?

    1. It would look a little different but give the same effect. The exact butterflies I used are no longer available, but similar ones can be found online. Just google “feather butterflies.” I found some good ones for you here.

  10. Omg Rebecca! Scrolling Pinterest and saw this pop up as a pick fortourfloghtsoon and had to say what an amazing job you did!! They were also a client of mine and I got to see and photograph your work in person and it was just gorgeous!! So just saying hello! 🙂

  11. Hi Rebecca, I am re creating this room as I’m in love with your design. Our Baby Girl is on her way and will be here the end of August. Could you send me the directions to making the Once Upon a Time Sign? It’s the last piece to finish so I can put the whole thing together. I actually found the exact butterflies you used on Ebay and was so excited. The furniture we have is old victorian furniture that we painted the Aura Emerald and bought beautiful brass drawer pulls I have a deep brown bed vs. black but it looks amazing. I just need the sign so bad.

    Thank you for all your help!


    1. Hi Jess,

      The room sounds amazing! I made the “once upon a time” sign by picking a font and printing a template to the scale I wanted. Then I bought armature wire, which you can find at any craft store or Amazon. It’s really bendable wire. From there I used the printed template as my guide and bent the wire into the letters. I did use a few pieces of wire for the words not one continuous piece so it didn’t look to loopy. I joined the pieces together using JB weld (get at a hardware store) its a cold weld epoxy. Once the letters were done I JB welded a few nails on the face so I could push it into the wall and it stick out a little so it looks like it’s floating. The final step was spraying it with a gold spray paint. Rustoleum makes the best metallic colors. I’d love it if you share pictures when your done! Happy Decorating 🙂

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