Simple Christmas Decor

Christmas is right around the corner, and to be honest, I’m a bit behind in my decorating. We are laying low this year, and with no planned parties at the house it seamed silly to dig all the boxes out. So I kept it simple this year. Target had some great affordable Christmas options so I decided to just buy some new items and style my sofa table two ways and pick my favorite.

My Fiddle Lead fig is getting big, and I figured he could play nicely with my mini potted Christmas Tree. I bought a live tree this year, I just wanted something small and maybe I can keep him alive until next year. I really don’t know how long those guys can stay in a pot so if he starts to look stressed I may plant him and hope for the best. For now it’s nice to have a live tree and not worry about it drying out.

Colorful Vintage included some cute colorful LED lights on the tree. I haven’t used colored lights in years, and my husband loves them. The LED’s do grow brighter than old school colorful lights, but they are super fun. My vintage brass deer live on that table year round, so I just left them to play and added a fun colorful Nutcracker to my terrarium. Last I popped on two colorful pillows, the super cozy red knit pillow and the vintagey scooter pillow. I normally don’t do red because it seems really warm next to my “golden rod velvet” 70’s style sofa, but I think it works here. I think this look is fun, and definitely different than how I usually decorate.

Super Simple Christmas Decor

Simple Sparkle is pretty neutral and doesn’t scream Christmas as much as Colorful Vintage did. A large cozy cream pillow (similar here) came in with my “vintage” West Elm sequin pillow (similar here) and a cozy grey fur blanket. The colored lights got switched out for warm white lights. Last I grabbed this less poppy nutcracker to complete the look.

So this year Colorful Vintage is what I went with. It just felt so different from my normal Christmas decor, and since that little table is all the decorating I did this year, it’s nice to have those poppy colors.


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