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Ombré Mountain Nursery

Just wanted to make a quick post and share my babies nursery. The Nursery was inspired by our babymoon trip to Alaska. When your pregnant in Las Vegas in the summer, the only place you can dream of vacationing is anywhere cooler. Iceland was too long of a flight so we settled for Alaska and it was amazing.
Alaska Maternity Photo

Here I am on top of a glacier 27 weeks prego. I wasn’t going to do announcements or maternity photos but decided to snap this picture of my bump because the scenery was so breathtaking and seemed like a fun way to announce our pregnancy on social media.

My Denali

This is the photos I took of Mt Denali that inspired the wall treatment in the nursery.

Ombre Mountain Nursery My bedrooms in my home are pretty big, and I wanted to have a place to crash if needed during those long nights, but also a place to sit while the boy plays. A daybed fit that mark. So I designed this built-in and had the cubbies built and the bed in-between (from IKEA) actually pulls out to a king (two side by side twins) so it also functions as a place for guests, or future sleepovers. Although not sure if boys have sleepovers.

Ombre Mountain Nursery

The crib is from Land of Nod and mobile from ETSY. I also have that big fun pouf from Anthropologie (no longer available) The boxes on the wall serve as a place for books and toys. I wanted to do something different than the much pinned books on a picture ledge.

Ombre Mountain Nursery

Ombre Mountain Nursery

The glider is from West Elm and I will say while it goes so well in the nursery I wish I would have gone with a typical glider designed for baby. The arms on that are a little difficult to deal with while feeding baby, and I cant lay my head back. My first new mom lesson learned.

Ombre Mountain Nursery Dresser was vintage that I refinished a long time ago and decided to keep and happily fits perfectly in this room

Ombre Mountain Nursery

Ombre Mountain Nursery


Ombre Mountain Nursery

it’s very rare when I design a room for my home and bring it to 100% and man it feels good to have a completed room in my house, I think I should do it more often.

And finally here is how I did the walls. I just freehanded the mural all the wal around the room. I chose 3 paint colors from one paint chip (the 3 blues and then transitioned into a warm grey and the top color is the same off white as the ceiling. I made a little time lapse video because apparently I have no shame to film myself 8 months prego in short shorts painting my nursery walls. So excuse the outfit and enjoy the video. (And don’t worry the paint is zero VOC)

ombre mountain nursery pinterest

A New Years Tablescape


New Years Eve Tablescape

New Years Eve Tablescape

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. It’s that time of year we reflect back on the year and come up resolutions for the New Year. I like to keep my resolutions simple, so I don’t feel guilty for breaking them. So my resolutions are to continue growing my business, and try to do my laundry once a week so it doesn’t get completely out of control. To celebrate this New Years Eve, I wanted to design a simple tablescape using mostly items I had around the house. I don’t like to go too heavy with themes for parties, that way I can reuse elements the future. I started out this table with a simple color pallet of blush, black, white and metallics.


For this tablescape I reused the Target runner and ball garland hung on the chandelier I had picked up for Christmas. The blush and crystal glassware are vintage. However, the good news is I’m going to be listing those items for sale on Chairish. They are a great site for sourcing vintage items, so if you love these exact items they could be yours! (when the listings go live I will update the post with links) A similar set of crystal stemware can also be found here. The dessert plates are vintage china,
and yep, you guessed it those will also be listed on Chairish as well. The cake stand is also vintage and was a gift but you can find a similar one here.


The rose gold and pewter cantle sticks will be going on Chairish as well. Seeing a trend yet? The white vase is Dwell studio. I normally use that vase on my table with some dried Billy Balls, but I did a simple blush arrangement of peonies and leftover Christmas greenery. The tea light holders are West Elm.

New Years Eve Tablescape

The black vase is West Elm and napkins are Target. Since I was mixing all metals; gold, rose gold, and silver I just used my normal day-to-day silverware. There are pretty gold and rose gold sets that would have looked nice as well. The mini party hat is from an older OhJoy for Target collection but sadly are no longer available.


The mini copper pitcher is vintage and will be the final item from this tablescape I’m listing on Chairish. I know I said I like to reuse items for future parties, but I also have so many items I’ve collected over the years, doing this post and listing a curated collection seemed fitting since I’ve already photographed these beauties.

New Years Eve Tablescape

I really like how this tablescape turned out. It’s collected and a perfect mix of vintage and new. I like to encourage people to collect some special items to go with their day to day kitchen wares. Things to look for are pretty salad or desert plates, special occasion stemware, pretty cake stands or serving trays, and candle holders. These items can be mixed into basic place settings to create a beautiful tablescape.

New Years Eve Tablescape

And because I created this table a few days early to share with my readers, don’t worry I wasn’t too lonely setting up a party table by myself.

Party Chihuahua

I had my little party animal to enjoy the party with! Cheers to a New Year!

Window Treatments

I love it when clients provide me before and after pictures of their home. By just following the tips on our site this client was able to make the large window in her living have the impact she wanted with properly scaled drapery. She hung the rod as close to the ceiling as possible, used 4 drapery panels instead of the original 2. The 2 original panels just didn’t have the fullness her window needed. Extending the rod out past the edges of the window by 8″ made the window feel larger. Just these small changes made a big impact. Her living room makeover is well on it’s way. How to Hang Drapery How To Properly Hand Drapery

A Bedroom Staple

There is one trend that is pretty consistent across the board in the bedroom. I should say “Interior Design” trend, before you think this post is going places it shouldn’t. Regardless of style, the white duvet is a staple and trend that isn’t going anywhere. The bed is large, in charge, and almost always the focal point of the bedroom. Starting off your bedding design by layering a crisp white duvet is just so right. It’s clean, fresh, and doesn’t add a ton of visual weight to the bed. It always allows for endless variations of pillows, patterns, throws, and quilts. I do find however, that some (actually a lot) of clients have a fear of white bedding. It’s like we are some kind of savage beings that just cannot keep our bedding clean and that white duvet is destined to become soiled and disgusting. Well, let me assure you, white bedding fearers, that unlike colored bedding or patterned bedding, you can bleach white bedding. I promise it’s not hard to keep it clean, and if you get a stain pull out the good ol’ bleach pen and you’re good to go. Even my dirty little chihuahua mix has been no match for my white duvet, a cycle in the washing machine and little bleach and it’s good as new. Trying to hide dirt and stains on dark bedding or busy patterns is like walking around on a Vegas casino carpet barefoot and pretending it’s not filthy.

So let’s take a look at some beautiful bedroom featuring some beautiful white bedding.  neustadt-49



source Emily-Henderson-+-Curbly_bedroom041


main.original.980x550  source



I’ve gathered my favorite sources to purchase white bedding from a variety of price points.  BestWhiteLinenDuvets

Target / West Elm / Restoration Hardware / Garnet Hill / Anthropologie

Happy Shopping!

Happy Columbus Day!

With today being Columbus Day, I was planning on doing a post on some of my favorite items that are on sale today. Well, I had to scratch that because renovations at my house have been sucking up all my time. That’s why I haven’t been on here in a few weeks. So instead of doing a sale post I’m doing a “whats been sucking up all my time” post.

I mentioned before I was ripping up all my carpet, and the husband and I are about half way through installing the new floors. It’s taking us a while but it’s going to be well worth it. I am a serious anti-carpet person, it’s so dirty as we pull it up and on the stairs the dirt even has saturated the pad. We don’t even hardly use the upstairs because our master is down, so as Jimmy Fallon would say, carpet is EW! (If you haven’t seen the skit I suggest googling Jimmy Fallon EW)

So here’s a few sneak peeks.  photo-5

That is my not so awesome but too expensive to replace tile in the great room transitioning into my new flooring in my bedroom. In a perfect world I would have wanted to go a little lighter in the flooring but because the tiles are light choosing a darker wood was the best choice for this house. The new flooring in a teak color with a grey wash. I will be giving the details of the new flooring in a future post but for now there it is!


And here are my naked stairs. This weeks project is to replace all the treads and skim the risers JUST so I can paint them. My house was built in 2008 which means it’s practically built out of cardboard. The stairs are OSB otherwise known as chipboard. You can’t paint them and they crumbled when I pulled the carpet off. I can’t replace the risers or I may jeopardize the stability of the stairs so I am skimming them with 1/4″ ply, and then installing new pine treads. The risers are about $10 each and I needed 15. I didn’t think the stairs were OSB I assumed worse case they were MDF which I could still paint but NOPE, my little project just jumped up an extra $200 and a full day in labor. Weeeee! I will post more on them as I work on them.


Kind of a good thing I have to replace them because look at that gapping! No caulk would have been able to fix those gaps.


For now this is what I have, it’s a bit of a tripping hazard but I will have it fixed on Wed.


So happy Monday everyone!

A Stairy Situation

We have a few projects underway at my house. And ripping up all the builder grade carpet is #1 on the list. While I picked out new flooring (which will be shown on a later post) the stair situation is a whole project on its on. Right now the stairs are super not awesome builder grade (aka cheap) beige carpet.

Stairs Before Stairsbefore2

You can see in the second picture, project rip up nasty carpet is fully underway. Well I didn’t want to lay the new flooring on the stairs because: 1 it’s expensive to do the stairs, and 2 I wanted to put a runner and stapling holes in newly laid flooring wasn’t on my list of things I wanted to do. So my thought was to paint the stairs a pretty white, like this inspiration:

White Staircase


Pretty, white, with a nice stair runner. However, whats not so pretty are my stairs treads are not paintable. They are OSB or “chipboard” and will soak up paint like a sponge and no amount of paint will hide the texture of the OSB. So I’m going to have to purchase new treads and replace the existing OSB treads. Thats about $130 more and an additional day of labor. So it’s kind of a bummer but not a plan changer. I have builder beige tile downstairs that is staying, I don’t love it but I can live with it because there is just too much of it and too labor intensive to rip it up. So painting the stairs white and adding a graphic runner is a nice way to transition from the downstairs to the upstairs. My interior doors are Ben Moore Graphite, a “not quite black” and my trim is white so I figured a pretty white and black diamond pattern would look nice. I found this rug at RugsUSA.

It’s the Paddle Rug. I bought 3 5×8 rugs and it came out to about $336 for all three. I’m going to use one to carpet the landing, and the other two I can having cut into runners and bound. (so they wont fray)

So that’s the plan for now. I will be posting updates as the project progresses.


Virtual Makeover | Playroom

A very fun playroom indeed. This was a super fun project, and it’s the first project I filmed the progress of the makeover. So coming soon will be a mini-makeover video of this space, filled with tips. And also a DIY video for those who want the challenge of building a toy shelf.


Before I got started the room looked like this:

Before Playroom

This room, like most of my makeovers, started from a Virtual Makeover design. My client requested something either beachy or woodsy inspired. I obviously went with the woodsy theme, as I have been dying to put a teepee in a space. The space is very small (maybe 10′ x 11′) So I didn’t want to put too much into the room so there would be room to play.



The client requested to have a tv and extra storage for toys. My husband and I built the shelf. It was inspired by the Oeuf Mini Library, but that shelf wasn’t in the budget. So I took on the challenge and built a replica. The upcoming DIY video will be for that toy shelf. Originally we had talked about a 33″ tv for the room but a 42″ tv showed up after the shelf was built. The original plan to mount the TV directly above the shelf was scraped because the larger tv dwarfed the shelf. Instead I offset the TV and filled the negative space with those super cute Yarn Bombed Antlers.  Problem solved. I will say, when dealing with tv’s, one must be flexible because they almost always grow in size from the original plan. But I actually think I like this setup better than the original plan anyways.


The closet went white to make it feel updated and fresh. Prior to my clients owning the home, this space was an office and that big empty hole in the custom closet built-in housed a wine refrigerator. (because one needs a large wine refrigerator in an office) Anyways, we decided to make use of the closet space to help keep the room clean and hung a piece of plywood over the opening and painted it with a magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. A much more inexpensive solution than hiring a carpenter to fabricate a custom door. My friend Lars did the amazing chalkboard art.


I chose a round table and round stools because they don’t have dangerous pointy corners. Plus adults can sit (sorta) comfortably on those stools. Little kid chairs with backs are much more of a challenge for an adult than a stool. I also included a small gallery wall to feature “kid” art.


And finally my favorite part… the teepee. I hung a few picture ledges to feature some of the little clients favorite books, and filled the teepee with a comfy sheepskin and pillows. Perfect for play or reading time.








The Infamous Accent Wall

This is a post I’ve been thinking about for a long time, wondering… do I go there? It’s something that makes my stomach churn just thinking about it, but I’m going there folks. This is a post about the infamous and some what dreaded accent wall. Was it a thing of the 90’s? Is it for people who are just too afraid of committing to a color that they only put color on one wall, or is it a panic moment created by open floor plans and not knowing where to put the color on the walls? Either way, I’ve seen my fair share of bad accent walls… and keep getting repeat requests for the “one-wall-wonder.” So I’m going to go there… the good, the bad and the ugly, of the accent wall.

Now remember these are my opinions, and my opinions alone… but I believe that accent walls evolved from people’s fear of color, and it’s honestly an inexpensive solution. In the majority of cases of the “accent wall,” it’s truly unnecessary and makes a room feel lopsided. If you take an all neutral paint color and slap a bright red on one wall, guess what… thats going to be the first thing your going to notice when you walk into the room. Not your beautiful kitchen, not your thoughtful artwork, not your expensive rug.  Nope,  you will notice… and stare…at… a… WALL. source

It’s so hard for me to find a not great example because no one wants to be the “bad” example. So I choose this photo. That orange wall is not working for me.  I’m staring right at it, and I’m not noticing the other elements in the room.   Just… that… orange… wall. Now, the reason I choose this room as an example is it was a makeover with two looks.  The orange wall was not working, and the designer knew that, sooooooo


she switched it out. This pattern is much easier on the eye and blends in better with the wall color making less of a dramatic accent. In general don’t just pick any wall and make it into an accent wall for fear of not wanting to commit to a color or wallpaper. Let’s look at more examples that work and why they work, instead on trying to find “bad” examples.


The black accent wall. This works because black is a receding color. In fact the black wall isn’t even the accent wall, it’s framing out and bringing your attention to the fireplace. It’s also disguising the TV to the right of the fireplace. It works because the wall starts and stops at an inside corner, making a perfect delineation where to start and stop the color. (if you don’t know the difference between an inside and outside color this picture illustrates the difference)


Here the accent wall is on the fireplace wall. Fireplaces in general are focal points, and highlighting the wall where the fireplace resides works. Also this fireplace juts out of the wall, lending itself to an accent. I wouldn’t have painted that entire wall blue if the fireplace was flush to the wall.


This works perfectly as an accent because it’s a little niche built into the architecture. It frames out the beds. Just like the wall that jutted out of the fireplace, a recessed niche can be a place that lends to an accent. And the accent wall is framed by inside corners. (seeing a trend yet)

So those are some good tips if you decide you have to have an accent wall and don’t know what wall to accent. If your doing a bolder color stick to the focal wall. Just be sure the accented wall starts and stops with an inside corner. (this is even more important if you accent with wallpaper as it will most likely peel if you end at an outside corner) If you want to make a non-focal wall recede and create the illusion of a larger room paint the wall black, but again be sure it’s a wall that starts and stops with an inside corner.

If you find yourself painting an accent wall for the sake of having an accent wall STOP. If your architecture doesn’t lend itself to a particular wall, and your faced with an open floor plan, bring your accent colors in though other means. You don’t have to paint a wall to bring in tons of color.


This bedroom has grey walls, doesn’t lack color and doesn’t have an accent wall. In fact, drapery are a great alternative to an accent wall or patterned wallpaper. You can bring in bold moments of color or patterns with your window treatments, and because they frame out your windows, knowing where to put them is a no brainer. (knowing how to hang them however is tricky but I promise you that post is coming)

So folks put down those paint brushes, and know that not all color has to come into a room via the “one-wall-wonder.”



White Room Challenge… Collectables

Ok thanks for waiting a day for my post. So this week on White Room Challenge we had the biggest challenge yet. The wall-less challenge. Not only did we not have walls, we did not have furniture. Nothing…. we basically had a framed out 10 x 10 space. So it’s surreal to watch and realize how much I missed because I was in such shock. So when we walked in and meet David, let me just tell you I really had no idea what he said other than “Welcome to the White Room Challenge,” and “wall-less” challenge. My mind was running a hundred miles a min, I didn’t even catch where we were shopping (at some point I asked if we were going to a wall store) I was super excited that after we finished the intro filming and knew our challenge (because trust me you wonder for weeks whats coming) that we were going to be shopping at Nicks Metropolis. I’m from LA and have shopped there before, but basically it’s a antique, prop- junk store full of amazingness. HOWEVER, for those who have shopped LA for antiques and such you know this stuff is not cheap. This is not craigslist, this is a store, shopped by many production companies. When you have a high demand for this stuff like LA, the prices go up. Basically that means that $1000 does not go far, and thats all we had for budget. Oh and don’t forget our paint and anything we get on set to build our room comes from that $1000 as well. That put lots of exciting items from Nick’s simply out of budget. (David said he was disappointed in us for this but budget is budget, so we had to buy cheaper stuff and turn it into amazingness) That being said lets get on to the reviews and info you did see…

Our challenge was the wall-less challenge, create a sense of enclosure without building walls. We needed to give the feeling of our room type (bedroom, dining, living and office) but it doesn’t have to be functional. Think way outside the box, and we were going to be judged on how imaginative and ingenious our designs were though the use of our collectables. So here we are, Jennifer Glickman the sweet Interior Designer from Boston. Love her to death, she owns her own design company and lately from her twitter it looks like she’s been working on a lot of restaurant designs. Me, I’m a freelance designer, with an undergrad in fashion design and later went on to complete courses in interior design. I worked on the first 2 seasons of Secrets From a Stylist and just recently got hired by Anthropologie as their home department manager. David Slivinski, the New York interior designer who designs for clients with unlimited budgets. Last, Mark Griffin he went back to school for interior design and he’s a hair dresser as well.

Now onto the reviews. Jen’s constructed deconstruction bedroom. Ok it’s harder to review when you know the designers on these spaces, but I am going to try to look at these rooms with a critical eye. I really didn’t know what Jen was doing the entire challenge, I was painting my floor in my room day 1 and she spent most of day 1 in the work room. Her room was still empty day 1 except for the grey floor she painted. I do know from talking to her that she completely spec’d the platform bed for her carpenter. It’s impressive she can design furniture like that on the fly. The platform bed looked like something you could buy in a store, but that was also the problem, it looked like something you could buy in a store. Our challenge was to be imaginative and ingenious, and although impressive, it was at the end of the day, a well built platform bed. She cut apart stools and wicker furniture to make the headboard but alas it was still a headboard. Put that headboard in a model home on an actual wall with her floating nightstands and it could be a pretty moment. In this room however, it wasn’t working. When Jen realized she designed WAY to literal it was too late so she got upset and threw spaghetti all over her floor, ok not really… but had she have said this was a room of a child with an crazy italian mother I would have been onboard. David Bromstad hit the nail on the head when he said her room never became as great as the ideas in her head and Jenn takes 4th.

Mark’s outdoor dining room. Ok here something funny I don’t remember when he painted that floor. His floor was grey like Jens’s most of the time and I don’t remember seeing him paint the flagstone pattern… so sneaky you are Mark. Ok so Mark’s aesthetic was the closest to mine and based on his purchases I originally thought he was going to be the biggest competition. In fact Marks room is just as pretty if not prettier than Monica’s from the salvaged episode, and she won that episode. If someone had this in their backyard everyone would be loving it. I do agree he could have had more pillows but I don’t remember any pretty pillows being available in the stock room. The lightly is moody. The way he painted that floor with cardboard cutout templates was genius. The arch is just as it was in at Nicks he didn’t repurpose it he simply placed it in his room. He made the the tables and the wall scrolly stuff. He hung those cute tables, he did mention to me later that he was worried I would think he copied my hanging chairs when he hung his tables, because I actually hung mine first BUT he totally didn’t copy me. My intention was the chairs were falling… not hanging pretty like his tables. So overall a very pretty space, but also pretty real world and although his space was my favorite after my own… it didn’t take the concept far enough and Mark takes 3rd.

David’s “think tank,” office. Ok I have to admit I never actually heard David’s concept while we were working I just saw his space. I LOVE the concept of the think tank / thought bubble. The concept is super creative, and there are a lot of creative moments in his room… David’s super funny, creative and totally one up’d my doodling comment. I just have to say I’m not a fan of the overall design. I think I called his room “80’s Vegas on a Cruise Ship.” David managed to take 50’s diner tables and turn them into a crazy 80’s light up steps leading up to a throne. He used the base of the tables to make that light in the back. He turned whirlybird vents into stools of some sort. And don’t forget the bedazzled spider web. I love David’s creativity… and his concept… but I think he could have edited the room a little more. His aesthetic is so far removed from mine, I can appreciate his creativity I just can’t say I’m in love with the actual design. David takes home runner up.

Ok onto my room. Of course this review is going to be a tad longer. I am going to try to touch on all the stuff I did that didn’t show up on the show. Ok first off the floor, yep I drew that out with a pencil a ruler and a string to make the circles. I painted it freehand by edging, I didn’t tape it out because I wanted to save time, and I kinda designed it as I went. I just started in the middle and worked my way out. The back wall was done with furniture legs and then I saw a mannequin so I incorporated the mannequin leg as well… I love me a good appendage. Ok so something you didn’t see is I made that coffee table. It looked like this when I bought it…

It was some kind of weird greek inspired pedestal thingy. My carpenter and I cut the base and the legs off, I flipped the legs so that they were coming out of the center so it could stand up without the greek base, repaired the broken edge, and cut out a new top out of MDF. Then I used a combination of spray paint, stain and I even burned the top a little to age it like the base. I was super excited for the finished coffee table.

It went from bad greek, to neato Alice in Wonderland. So to clear things up I didn’t just buy the table and throw it into the room. That is also why I didn’t smash it like the judges suggested. I appreciate the suggestions BUT the idea wasn’t that everything came crashing down the rabbit hole… it was just falling. I liked the disorientation of the chairs juxtaposing the quite moment of the coffee table. If I could go back and change it… I wouldn’t… I stand by that decision. Maybe Meg got the idea from her room when she broke her table during the last min in her White Room Challenge…

Yep sorry Meg had to do it. You were pretty hard on my room, and I appreciate good criticism, but I have to beg to differ. You felt like I didn’t follow though and wished I would have hung everything. Believe me I thought about it, but I wanted the juxtaposition, I didn’t want it to seem like I came up with a great idea and ruin it by taking it too far and making my room seem like one note. So we can agree to disagree on that one, I still love your show and your designs and respect your critiques. Jamie Durie’s critique about my drapes I felt was kinda a complement in a weird way. He thought my drapes were too predictable for “me,” so I guess he was expecting me to come up with a more creative idea for my side wall-less walls. What you didn’t see is that those weren’t drapes. It was just white cotton fabric I got in the stock room. I cut and sewed a pocket into the top so I could hang it like drape and I dyed it by pooring my green paint into a bucket with water and dipped my drapes into the water. I put the drapes into the room because my room needed color, it wasn’t a cop out as a way to create a sense of enclosure… but I can see how you could think that not knowing where those drapes came from… so now you know 🙂

What else did you miss… oh yes remember Mark criticizing me for buying a sofa?? He thought it was too conventional. Well yes I bought a crazy 60’s rattan sofa… I happen to love rattan if it’s used correctly, but it didn’t end up end up being a sofa, I cut the back off and used it as my art. The wood element came from a wine rack I bought and disassembled for parts. I painted a white chihuahua as a play on the white rabbit… because I have a chihuahua and this was my wonderland room after all.

Same idea on the other items, only I painted a clock as a play on the white rabbit’s pocket watch and the fact that we were timed in our challenge. Kinda cheesy yes but I needed a reason why I did everything so I could defend it at judging if I needed too. The one thing I would have changed in my room is the light. I originally wanted to make a chandelier but I wasn’t going to have time as it wasn’t on the highest priority of what my room needed. I did that ugly little light fixture in the last hour of the challenge… I didn’t address lighting in my room at all and thought I wash going to be questioned about it. I didn’t think I needed lighting, the studio lights lit up my room fine, and in reality my room was a rabbit hole, so there wouldn’t be lighting, but I second guessed myself and hung that stupid lightbulb with the pathetic shade made out the the rings from the wine rack. So thats my ugly moment, David called me out on it, but that got edited out.


Last, I’m going to give a huge shout out to my carpenter Jason. He was amazing!! I couldn’t have done it all without him, although I would have tried. Something funny is we matched on day 2, both wearing plaid… because I love me some plaid. I do say on camera I have a slight obsession with lumberjacks but I guess that was too weird and got edited out. I also said in the beginning, “I’m Rebecca a designer from Vegas who’s not afraid to get my hands dirty…. I’m the dirty girl from Las Vegas….” it was a totally joke everyone was laughing and would had been funny but alas the second part got edited out… Oh well my snarky comments get edited off tv, BUT I edit my own blog so I shall share them here… 🙂

Phew thats a long post… so thoughts… comments… what did everyone think!!