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Simple Christmas Decor

Christmas is right around the corner, and to be honest, I’m a bit behind in my decorating. We are laying low this year, and with no planned parties at the house it seamed silly to dig all the boxes out. So I kept it simple this year. Target had some great affordable Christmas options so I decided to just buy some new items and style my sofa table two ways and pick my favorite.

My Fiddle Lead fig is getting big, and I figured he could play nicely with my mini potted Christmas Tree. I bought a live tree this year, I just wanted something small and maybe I can keep him alive until next year. I really don’t know how long those guys can stay in a pot so if he starts to look stressed I may plant him and hope for the best. For now it’s nice to have a live tree and not worry about it drying out.

Colorful Vintage included some cute colorful LED lights on the tree. I haven’t used colored lights in years, and my husband loves them. The LED’s do grow brighter than old school colorful lights, but they are super fun. My vintage brass deer live on that table year round, so I just left them to play and added a fun colorful Nutcracker to my terrarium. Last I popped on two colorful pillows, the super cozy red knit pillow and the vintagey scooter pillow. I normally don’t do red because it seems really warm next to my “golden rod velvet” 70’s style sofa, but I think it works here. I think this look is fun, and definitely different than how I usually decorate.

Super Simple Christmas Decor

Simple Sparkle is pretty neutral and doesn’t scream Christmas as much as Colorful Vintage did. A large cozy cream pillow (similar here) came in with my “vintage” West Elm sequin pillow (similar here) and a cozy grey fur blanket. The colored lights got switched out for warm white lights. Last I grabbed this less poppy nutcracker to complete the look.

So this year Colorful Vintage is what I went with. It just felt so different from my normal Christmas decor, and since that little table is all the decorating I did this year, it’s nice to have those poppy colors.


Simple Christmas Decorations

So it might be weird to make two posts in one day, but I just figured it would be easier to keep my craft tutorials separate from my inspirations photos. That way if you need to reference a projects you don’t have to scroll though other pictures… etc.

Anyways, since it’s been Christmas for me sense August, (I worked on HGTV’s Secret From a Holiday Stylist staring Emily Henderson) I really didn’t feel like digging out all my Christmas decorations. So I went simple this year and honestly, I enjoyed it a lot more. So I got this cute tree… it was tiny, cheap, real, and would fit on my sofa table and look adorable in my living room. Who says you need a big Christmas tree?? See how excited I am!!

I then made my own garland by finger weaving yarn like you learned as a kid. If you don’t remember how to finger weave you can refresh your memory here Then I made some garland for my staircase using a birdhouse, felt pinecone I made, string and bright green tinsel.

Last I made some cute sockman, snowman made out of socks and rice and I found the tutorial here

And of course my felt ball wreath, and I posted the instructions here. I also made some Christmas trees by just covering styrofoam with yarn and topping with a felt ball.

Hope everyone had a crafty Christmas!!

Crazy Christmas Crafts

Alrighty, so I have to say this blog stuff takes more time than I thought… or I could be just slow at it since it’s so new to me. Anyways I said I would post how to make a wool felt ball wreath and here it is. You will need to get wool felt balls, you can order them from etsy or I ordered a whole bunch of them here. You will need a couple hundred depending on the size of your wreath. You will also need a strong sewing needle and upholstery or heavy duty thread. Regular sewing will break so be sure to purchase heavy duty thread and a needle that can accommodate the thread. Last you need to get a wire wreath frame. I found mine at Michaels for about $3.

So start off by tying your thread and stab 3 balls, then wrap and weave your thread around the frame and stab 3 or 4 balls and repeat. Basically you want to weave your thread around the frame while adding more balls until your wreath is complete. Don’t be afraid to adjust how many balls you stab at a time so they fit the frame nicely. Then when you are all finished, get really excited, hang and enjoy!

Sweater Reindeer

OK so you know those animal heads that keep popping up everywhere. They are sometimes made of cardboard or papier-mâché, anyways I’m a fan and I wanted one to go above my fireplace for the holidays. However I wanted to spice things up a bit and make mine out of a sweater. Originally I was going to make a sweater moose, however I decided on reindeer and just proceed to still call him my sweater moose. The good news is that I am going to share with you how you can make your own sweater creature.

Ok lets start with what you will need. First you will need a pattern. You could go out and buy a cardboard head to cover but my husband said if I am going to make one then I need to make it from scratch. Plus it’s cheaper. I got my pattern here and just took the PDF and enlarged it at Office Max on their large format black and white printer. Total cost about $6. So now that you have your pattern time for your shopping list.

enlarged pattern
foam core boards (I used 2)
rubber band
xacto knife
glue stick
hot glue gun
yarn for antlers
sweater (I got mine from goodwill for $6)

So the first thing you do is cut out and glue your pattern to the foam core. Then cut your pattern out of foam core with your xacto knife. Make sure to use a sharp blade and have some sort of cutting mat under your board. Once all your pattern pieces are cut out proceed to assemble your reindeer.

He will look look like the picture to the right give or take depending on what size you enlarged him too and how good your cutting skills are. The next step is to glue the start of your yarn to the base of the antler and proceed to wrap your antlers until they are covered. Don’t worry about being precise when you are wrapping, just wrap until they are covered. I used 1 piece for each antler just changed direction to get each extension of the antler and when you get to the tops put a dab of hot glue to hold the yarn on the tip. When it’s dry proceed to wrap back down until all the antlers are covered.

Once your antlers are done you have made it to the fun part. So get your thrift store sweater ready. To cover the face of your deer you will need to cut one of the sleeves of at the arm hole. Next turn your arm inside out and pull over deers face. The shoulder should be at the base of the ears, then use a rubber band (I used a hair tie) Tie off the where the nose of your deer is going to be and cut off extra fabric. Turn your sleeve right side out and pull it over your deers head and poof you are 1/2 way covered.

Feel free to use any polyfil where you feel you need to stuff your deer head along they way so you can’t see his foam core skeleton. I didn’t find I needed a lot of stuffing if you just pull the sweater tight as you go. Next I used the cuffs of the sweater to give my deer different textures for his ears. I just cut out two for each ear, glued them together to make an “ear sock” and pulled them over the ears to cover them. I liked the look of the raw edges so I didn’t bother to turn those inside out and get all fancy.

Now all you have to do is cover the neck and your done. This is a bit tricky but the good news is the sweater will stretch so you have a lot of forgiveness. Cut your sweater and use just the front or the back of the body. Next drape the sweater fabric over the neck inside out and form a seam at the front of your deers neck pulling the fabric so it makes a snug tube and reaches all the way up to meet the sleeve to used to cover his face. Either glue or sew this front seam so you have a tube.

Turn the fabric right side out and pull the tube back over your deer and hot glue the neck edge to the edge of the face sweater and leave those edges raw just like the ears. Last pull the sweater snug around the back and hot glue to the back of the neck and trim off excess. Tie a scarf around his nice and thats it’s your own sweater reindeer. Total cost about $20 not including the scarf. Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends or on your blogs, just be sure to link back to my blog for credit.