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Butteryfly Nursery | Shopping Resources

Alright folks, here are the resources for this nursery virtual makeover. The valance was a DIY but the fabric source is below. The dresser is vintage but paint color is listed here. The crib and bed were the clients prior to the makeover. And of course those butterflies were seasonal from West Elm, but you can find similar here and here.

Butterfly Virtual Makeover

1. Angular Sconce | 2. Pharmacy Lamp | 3. Nate Berkus Pillow | 4. Nate Berkus Pillow | 5. Gold Table | 6. Pinch Pleat Duvet | 7. Gold Pillow | 8. Eucalyptus Pillow | 9. Gold Deer | 10. Ikat Fabric | 11. Stump End Table | 12. Grey Rug | 13. Purple Bench 14. Glider

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Butterfly Nursery | Behind the Scenes

Here’s a little behind the scenes of the Butterfly Nursery I posted earlier this month.

Before | After Butterfly Nursery I really wish I had taken the before picture from the same angle. Basically the bed was on the wall where the gold antler deer head is in the after picture. The room was a guest room, and it needed to be re-designed to be a nursery while still keeping the bed for guests. Luckily the room is really large, so having it function as both a guest room and nursery wasn’t a problem at all.

West-Elm-Butterflies The inspiration came from a Christmas collection from West Elm. My client really liked the jewel toned butterflies. I was thinking we could spray a dresser emerald green, and that could function as a changing table. Then create a butterfly display overtop that would fill the entire corner of the room and reach over the crib and serve the function as a colorful mobile for baby. (now trying to describe that to my client, thats another story… luckily she’s also my friend so the words “trust me” really came into play)

LeslieInsta I shared this photo on instagram of an amazing dresser I found on craigslist (actually there was two dressers, my client is standing by the taller one but they purchased both a tall and short dresser for $150… I was so jealous) My client wasn’t really a fan of vintage furniture, but she was on board. As a designer it’s so nice to work with a client who’s willing to let you create.

beforeafterdresser So off to get sprayed. I was originally going to lacquer the dresser but sometimes lacquers are hard to get the colors right when you are choosing a custom color, so I choose a new Benjamin Moore paint called Aura in a high gloss. The color is called Emerald Isle. I hired a professional to spray the dresser.  1 2 Butterflies Next came the installation. Using tons of the West Elm butterfly ornaments and curly willow branches I purchased at a wholesale florist, (you can get these at Micheal’s or any craft or floral shop)  I just started to create the display. I wish I could give you a better description of how I did it, but I didn’t really have a plan going into it. I hung hooks on the ceiling to hang the branches from, and attached them to the wall with smaller hooks and fishing line. I also used hot glue to secure the branches to each other to get the shape I wanted. Then I just started clipping butterflies all over the branches. (the butterflies were for a Christmas tree so they had little clips on the back) I wanted it to be a large group of butterflies at the base of the branch and then the disperse out as the display extended over the crib.


wireartbeforeafter After the display was complete, I needed to think of something that would complement the display and tie it into the dresser. I had seen these wire art words and thought about doing one saying “Once upon a time,” because the room was starting to feel fairy tale like. I purchased armature wire and bent it into the words. The armature wire was an alloy so it wouldn’t solder where I had to piece it together, so I just used JB weld (which is an epoxy or “cold weld”) Then I sprayed the wire art gold to complement the hardware on the dresser. windowvalance Lastly I built and upholstered the cornice box above the window. My client already had a white blackout roman shade but the window felt a little naked. Because of the placement of the crib adding drapes wouldn’t have been functional so I just built a simple cornice box and upholstered it in a colorful ikat.

The room was a lot of fun to create, and just to put things into perspective. My client contacted me around the beginning of December to create the room, and baby arrived in the beginning of January. So the room wasn’t 100% complete before her arrival but it all came together 🙂


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Butterfly Nursery

I really wanted to share this Nursery, but I don’t have a lot of time to write all the details down. So please take a sneaky peek at all the photos and tomorrow I will make a proper post with shopping resources and details of the room.


I will say the room was created using a Virtual Makeover, and then I did the butterfly art installation after the items for the room were purchased by the client.

Leslie-NurseryVM Leslie-Nursery8 Leslie-Nursery11 Leslie-Nursery7 Leslie-Nursery6 Leslie-Nursery5 Leslie-Nursery4 Leslie-Nursery3 Leslie-Nursery2 Leslie-Nursery

Butterfly Nursery | Display Sneak Peek

I have been terrible updating my new designs to my website, but I couldn’t resist sharing this new installation. The room is still in-progress but the butterfly installation is complete. My client was inspired by West Elm‘s Jewel toned Christmas Decorations. I get super excited when inspiration comes beyond typical baby stores. In fact, nothing in the last two nurseries I’ve designed had anything “baby” except the necessities, crib, changing pad etc. Here I decided to create an installation spanning the entire corner of the room It not only engages the entire room, but also acts as a beautiful mobile on the ceiling for baby to gaze up at. And don’t worry the installation is baby proofed, safely secured to the ceiling. In fact the ceiling would have to fall down for the display to fall down. These photos don’t don’t do the display justice, they were taken with my iPhone. See the competed after photos here.
butterfly-display I may post a how-to later down the road. I really didn’t have a plan going into the installation. I’m just glad the client is also my friend and trusted me as I showed up with a handful of curly willow branches and tons of butterfly Christmas ornaments. I knew I wanted the display to look like a tight grouping of butterflies at the base and disperse out and scatter, but other than that I really had no plan. I starting by hanging the first branch. (These are anchored to the ceiling, and hung with clear filament which I drilled through the branch. I attached to the walls with simple eye hooks and wire. The wall attachments are not structural so if by chance something or someone pulls it off the wall the installation won’t fall)

butterfly-display2 Then I just worked my way up. Hanging more branches, attaching more butterflies until I got the shape I wanted. Curly willow branches are not very full so I used about 3 bundles I purchased from the wholesale florist, and kept adding to get the fullness I wanted. 
butterfly-display3 These photos were just taken with my iPhone so they don’t really do the installation justice. The dresser is a vintage piece purchased off craigslist and sprayed a high gloss emerald green. I still have to finish the display to tie the butterflies to the dresser, but I have ideas… I can’t wait to finish, style and photograph the room. Any design when I get to incorporate displays with interior design, make me the most excited. Stay tuned…



Tassel Tree

I meet this amazing client a few months ago who was having twin girls and wanted to do something special for their nursery. She had everything she needed in her nursery, but just wanted something special for her new girls. She’s a fan of Anthropologie’s art installations (I mean who’s not a fan) and wanted to do something inspired by Anthropologie and truly one-of-a-kind… here a few examples of Anthropologie’s displays…

So I started flipping though pictures, and gathering inspiration… what can I create?? I didn’t want to just pull a picture off pinterest and recreate someone’s design, I was determined to come up with a concept organically. My client had purchased a tree wall decal, which she wasn’t super excited about but I used as my first piece of inspiration. She did purchase the decal so something about it peaked her interest. Now the question was how could I turn a generic wall decal into a truly inspiring art installation. This isn’t the exact wall decal she purchased, but it was something like this…

I started showing her pictures of EVERYTHING, nurseries don’t have to feel “baby” or have a theme, they can just be pretty, sophisticated and inspiring.  One of the pictures that caught my clients eye was this photo from Oh Joy

Who knew an office could inspire a nursery?? In particular it was the tassels from Confetti Systems that caught her eye. So that’s what I decided to do, craft a tree and swag tassels all over it…

The tree foundation was made of plywood which I sketched the tree out on and cut out using a jigsaw. I didn’t want to ruin the clients walls by adhering the “bark” straight to the wall. The bark is crumpled up brown craft paper which I also painted a little bit of metallic bronze acrylic paint to give it some dimension and reflect the light.

I ordered 3 strands of tassels from confetti systems and swaged them all over the tree, just working organically so the composition looked natural organic and balanced. I couldn’t be happier with the result.