Las Vegas Market

As promised, I am posting a few of the pictures I took around the Las Vegas World Market Design Convention. Now where to begin. I spent a good 3 days walking showrooms and going to seminars and let me tell you I didn’t even scratch the surface when it comes of the amount of products at this Market. It’s that huge…

These are the 3 buildings, and they are about 16 stories each, and are FULL of showrooms. The good news is building A and building C have perminant showrooms and are open year round to the public. That’s pretty awesome, most showrooms are only open to trade unless your with a designer, but not here in Vegas. So take advantage and come take a look. There is even a great little restaurant to have lunch at while you shop.

So I started the Market with a Trend Report hosted by Monica Pedersen. I shared a few of the trends here. Then on to the showrooms I went.

Four Hands is a permanent showroom. I love their stuff and they always have their new items at the Market so it’s always a stop for me. I’m in love with this chair… it’s a little mid-century inspired… and it’s super comfy.

I loved the book wall art as well.

These mirrors are from Roost and the inside of the frame is lined with a metallic gold which reflects really pretty light. It’s hard to see in this photos, but it’s great inspiration for a DIY.

I also ran into the beautiful and talented Genevieve Gorder who has designed an awesome line for Capel Rugs Those are a few of her designs behind us, absolutely stunning.

These pretty hot air balloons are by Authentic Models. So whimsical, I think they would look beautiful in a nursery.

Priscilla Presley has a new line of furnishings and her line is super fun. A horse lamp… why not?? Very regal and fun.

Onto Cyan, a new permanent showroom and I couldn’t be more excited that they are permanent. They have been added to my favorites…

And look who was here, the handsome David Bromstad.

Some of the highlights from the Cyan showroom. The pig nose wall and the suspended lamps. Love their showroom. Love Love Love!

Last I snapped a picture of these chairs by Polart. Believe it or not, these are all plastic outdoor chairs. Imagine a pool with these as the lounge chairs. So fun.

So I hope you enjoyed your peek into the Winter 2012 Las Vegas World Market Design Convention. I haven’t forgotten about my dollhouse either, just finishing up the exterior and the last few touches on the interior. Almost done I promise.

2012 Trend Report Repurposed Studio Style

So with the Las Vegas World Market going on I have been on design overload. Basically it’s a giant design convention full of amazingness. The Market is showrooms filled with everything from furniture to accessories and also conferences and seminars. The entire convention lasts Mon-Fri. It’s like design overload and my brain hurts.  I decided to put together a post to share some insider information with my readers. The design convention is open to designers, retail, and manufacturers, in other words it’s not open to the general public (unless you know someone in one of those categories that can smuggle you in) Maybe I am breaking the design “code” sharing some of this insider information, but I feel like sharing the new trends and new products helps inspire creatively and inspire homeowners to try new things.  So share away I will… besides I don’t like to follow the “rules.”

Let’s start with the color of the year. This is no secret, I’ve been seeing it everywhere and I happy to say it’s tangerine orange. I love orange. I am more of a Hermes orange than a tangerine but I love it non-the-less. I can’t say I’d do entire rooms in orange, that could be a little jarring but I love it as an accent, it just makes me happy. The thing about orange is I usually find either people LOVE it or HATE it, there are not many middle-men on this one. To those that are anti-orange, I encourage you to give it a try… ease into with maybe a pillow or a bright orange lamp.

Don’t worry though if orange is not your thing, greens and blues are endlessly on trend. Currently peacock inspired colors are everywhere. When choosing blues, either go peacock, teal, turquoise, navy or indegio. Avoid “dusty pale” blues as they can tend to look very early 90’s and dated. Greens are currently more poppy, limey and emerald green is making a comeback in a very big way. You really can’t go wrong with green it’s a soothing color and an easy color to get right when choosing paint colors.

Global prints were big last year and are not going anywhere. Bold oversized ikats, graphic chevrons and suzanis. These prints are graphic, colorful and I think will remain on trend for sometime. Bring them in as a pillow, or throw or go big and bring them in as a rug or even a wall covering.

Organic, earthy and reclaimed are not going anywhere this year. Don’t get this mixed up with going “green and eco-friendly” Going green and eco-friendly is a movement not a trend and a bandwagon we should all jump on.  Anyways, glass chandeliers are popping up everywhere and are a fun modern alternative to a traditional crystal chandelier. Worn brass is everywhere from tables to lamps. This is not the shinny brass from the 80’s. It’s also much warmer than chrome and stainless, but if you have a stainless kitchen and an open concept you can still do worn brass pieces. Don’t be afraid to be a little eclectic. I love to mix finishes of metals and even woods: dark, white, raw… I just try to avoid 80’s oak like the plague. Mixing your finishes makes a room look collected. This applies to open concept living and kitchens but doesn’t really work in bathrooms. Also furniture is being scaled down as people are scaling back due to the economy. Smaller scale doesn’t been less comfy, these smaller pieces still get an A on comfort.

Last we have pretty antique inspired accessories. There was one company that stood out to me called Magnetic Grain They make these neat wall art pieces that are “tiles” held together with magnetics. There were even benches where the planks were adjustable and held together with magnetics. Super creative, super neat… check them out.

So those were the trends that stood out to me the most. I will put together another post of pictures I took around the showrooms, and fun people I got to meet. Oh and I got a new camera… so I will post the final pictures of my dollhouse when I figure out how to use it.

My Dream House Checklist

Ok so I decided to start a fun checklist. This checklist will be comprised of all my absolute favorite designs that I cannot realistically afford. Some people have bucket-lists, well this will be my version. So lets start up with my sofa obsession. This my friends is the Roche Bobois Maj Jong Modular Soda designed by Hans Hopfer.

This amazingness of a sofa was originally created in the 70’s. Those who know me know I have a slight obsession with things of the 70’s.

It was bought back with updated fabrics in the 2000’s, even though I have to say I love the original 70’s version as well. This sofa is the perfect blend of casual style with comfort. It sits low to the ground, but since it’s modular you can just stack another base under it to make it more sofa height. The downfall of this sofa is it’s price. It’s a designer piece and to get a decently sized sectional one would have to fork over upwards of $12,000, and thats the base price…

So that is why this sofa has been added to my dream house checklist. Maybe someday in the faraway future. See here’s the deal, I am lucky to live in a beautiful home with my husband. We worked hard, me two jobs at one point, and are proud to be homeowners. I love my house, and this “could” be our forever home. It’s big enough and the layout is awesome. Thing is it’s a cookie-cutter builder grade home. When I speak of my dream home, I am talking of a house I would design from the ground up, completely custom to mine and my husbands needs. Like a kitchen with a pot-filler, cuz those big pots of water get heavy. And a roof of solar panels, and a garden where I would grow all my own vegetables. Yep a girl can dream can’t she, and this girl likes to dream big. Anyways I have to add this photo too of my dream table.

I would prefer this table to be an indoor dining table. I love it, thing is I wouldn’t be able to cut a tree down to make it. I would need to find a tree who fell down, who’s tree life was ended early from mother nature and wanted to become an amazing dining table. If you know a tree like that let me know I would love it give it a purpose again.

So that’s the start of my dream house checklist. I am sure I will find more photos to add soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I will update my dollhouse progress the start of next week. I just needed to mix these posts up a bit.

Dollhouse Office & Guest Room

Ok quick post on my progress. I decided to tackle the guest room / office instead of the bathroom. This way the top floor is done. (The guest room is adjacent to the nursery, geez I talk about this dollhouse now as if it were a real house) Anyways not too much to talk about except to show my new pictures.

Ok so the custom bed. I built it into the window niche. Seemed like the best place for it. I decided on carpet in this room, honestly I was tried of cutting popsicle sicks for the wood floors. I did cut a few popsicle sticks to face the bed and the bottom portion of the wall behind the bed. I added the ropes for a run detail and used my rooster/chicken fabric (minus the roosters) to make the pillows. I had that cute red tricycle and a basket and it turned out pretty cute.

So the desk was inspired by West Elm’s collapsible sawhorse table I used an orange instead of red, but again if you like the table you can own it.

So thats about all I have to say. I may or may not add some more accessories but overall the room is finished. Check it off the list. All I have left to do is the bathroom, finish up the kitchen because it’s almost done. Then finally tackle the living room. Stay Tuned.

It’s a Dolly Dollhouse life…

So the dollhouse work continues, two rooms down and 4 to go. But the hidden sewing room will be an easy one (I hope) therefore I will say it’s more like 3 rooms to go, and I am hoping to get the bathroom finished today and knock it down to two. So Where am I at right now? Well remember that 80’s bedroom…

yep wasn’t happening. The more I thought about it the more I hated it. Bedroom’s for me are the toughest room, which is kinda weird. You would think they are easy, the focal point is the bed… the furniture is usually pretty straight forward, but for me I struggle with the fabrics. I love fabric’s it’s usually a fabric that starts my color story. With a bedroom it’s SOOOOOO hard to get beautiful fabrics that look personal and not like they came as a set. It takes just the right mixture, and just like a human scale bedroom, this tiny bedroom really challenged me. It went though a few transitions. I was set on putting in drapery. I love drapery it’s the easiest way to bring drama in a room, but working with such a small scale, the drapes it wasn’t draping, looked stiff and crowded my room.

So I 86’d the drapes they were too dark too crowded…. Now I’ve wasted a lot of time sewing 2 sets of drapes (yes I sewed those suckers) and I wasn’t going to be using any of them. The rug I found was pretty, lacy, and I was thinking fun grandma… but it ended up just looking  more crazy cat lady. But the bedding I LOVED! I took the image of the flowers off Anthropologie photoshopped it and printed it onto an iron transfer and made my own mini version. If you love the bedding you can own it….

Anyways, that was design room two and I made even more changes and now I have to say I love it. So lets see what did I change. Well the dark pillows with tiny ball fringe turned to these amazing lampshades, and the bases are these little wooden spindles I found in the craft store and painted white. I gave the furniture a chocolate glaze over the old warn finish to freshen it up. The RUG!!! oh my goodness do I love the rug. It’s an image of an overdyed area rug I took offline, printed onto more iron transfer paper and ironed it onto hot pink felt.

These overdyed rugs are great. I remember seeing them come out a year or so ago and fell in love. They are vintage rugs which are dyed to look more contemporary. Some are a patchwork of old rugs and West Elm just started carrying this one. So pretty.

I think I am finally happy with where the bedroom is at. Once I got the window moldings up I am even more happy with no drapes. I even was able to get a mini canvas to make  fun abstract art over the bed. Oh on other news the Nursery is finally done. I found this great fabric that looks like lace over denim and used the selvage edge to make my new rug look like it has fun fringe. I got a mini stuffed moose to put into the crib and put a pillow on the rocker.

And my sister-in-law helped me out by setting my table for my kitchen. She even made little pillows for the chairs.

I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this project, but I do have a lot more work to do. I have, however started work on my entryway/foyer in my house. It looks awesome… I will put a post on it’s progress as soon as I get the final touches done. Sometime it’s better not to show a work in progress until you have the final product done so people understand where you are going and don’t think your crazy.

Dear Dollhouse…

Dear Dollhouse,

You are incredibility demanding so I needed my space from you the last few days. You spend all my money and I was feeling overwhelmed….

This hobby stuff is no joke… I have to say this dollhouse is exhausting creatively. It really is like designing an entire house, in miniature, plus building custom furniture, in one month. When I woke up this morning and realized it was the 10th and a slight panic set in. This month is 1/3 over and I think I am less than 1/3 done with my dollhouse, so I better get on it.

Good news is I got some great inspiration. The plan is to just focus on one room at a time. My little brain goes into overload when I am at the craft store trying to remember everything I needed for all those tiny rooms. I start to feel like a crazy craft lady. For those who shop in craft stores you know exactly what I am talking about.

So good news is the nursery is mostly done. I decided to use that awesome vintage map scrapbook paper in the office/guest room because I found this amazing wallpaper at

So here’s what I did. I don’t condone stealing images from websites, but you can’t order this paper in miniature… so please don’t send the police after me. I basically took the images they posted online of the wallpaper mural, enlarged it as best as I could on my computer, took a screen shot, and photoshopped it. I took the seam lines out, and I also photoshopped the chair out that is sitting in front of the mural. You can’t normally photoshop internet images and get good results because the images are small and pixelated but since I needed a really small version of this wallpaper it worked out in my favor. This wallpaper rocks and you can buy it in human scale from Anthropologie

Next I got my crib ready, I lucked out the crib looked good as is. I had to fix the drop gate because it was old and broken and modern cribs don’t have drop gates anymore so I just made it fixed. Now my baby dolly will be safe. The crib was also too high and it covered too much of the window when I placed it into the room.

So I chopped the legs off. Then I spray painted my rocker a high gloss yellow, hung some art and painted the walls peach. Peach is not a color I normally suggest to clients but I think it’s been sadly neglected. Yes peach can be pretty, as long as it’s the right peach. I used Behr 240A-2 Sunkissed Peach. I put the blue felt in the room to figure out what color I wanted for a rug.

The only changes I am going to make is to find some old denim and weave it into a rug instead of the felt blue rug. That way it will give my floor some texture. Like these rugs:

Once I compete my rug my nursery will be done. Then I am going to tackle my bedroom and remove the crazy 80’s mess thats going on in there. I have some great ideas, stay tuned for that post, either later today or tomorrow.

Let’s Talk Fashion

Let’s talk Fashion:

So I’ve been seeing a ton of Spring 2012 previews and I am excited. So I have a few of my favorites to share. I have certain stores that are my go-tos for great pieces. Anthropologie is one of them. Anyone who knows me well, knows I live in this store. One, because they have great clothing and home accessories. Two, because they get new stock all the time it’s worth shopping the sale rack all the time. They mark their sales way down, so I have to admit the majority of the items I buy are from the sale rack. If it’s a must have I am worried about it selling out I will go ahead and pay full price.

Anyways, Anthropologie just posted these adorable outfits on their Facebook and I want to share my favorites.

I actually have this top. Love the map scarf, I hope someone will knock it off because I couldn’t imagine spending $200 on a scarf. If I find one I will post it for sure.

Ok I love palazzo pants. In fact I love almost all wide leg pants. They are super slimming and dressy without being a dress. HOWEVER these can be tricky on shorter ladies. If you are shorter than 5’6″ invest in a cute comfy platform or stacked heel to wear with these pants. Pants like these will make your legs a million miles long.

This is actually a dress with pants. I like the idea, but I think I would prefer a tunic or long black sweater instead of a dress over pants. The overall outfit look I love.

Ok I was hesitant to put this look up because I am OBSESSED with that jacket. I must have it, please don’t buy it until I do, I am worried about it being sold out. I will not be putting it on Pinterest until I own it 🙂 With that being said I love the entire outfit. Light washed denim, adorable tank, and flats. I prefer a cigarette skinny that goes all the way to the floor instead of a skinny that hits at the ankle, but thats just me.

all images from

I’m a Giant… the crafts continue

Ok so here’s where I am at today. I went back to the hobby store yesterday and I also hit up a fabric store so I could get my color pallet nailed down. I bought these fabrics. Bright colors, a few florals, solids, and I even found this trim that looks kinda like ball fringe. Ball fringe is fun, and mini ball fringe is that much more exciting.

So here’s something funny, I found that floral on the right. I liked the colors, and it kinda reminded me of a vintage floral HOWEVER I didn’t realize until I went to cut it that it had roosters on it!! Yikes, I am not a rooster/chicken/turkey gal. I love me a fun grandma floral but grandma can keep the chickens. I did luck out that I was able to just buy the fabric and I can cut around the roosters.

I bought some cork flooring for my nursery, and I also already had these cute wood cutouts.

I was thinking those little woodcut outs might look cute in the window niche of the nursery. I recently saw an episode of Color Splash staring David Bromstad where he did a Twlight inspired room with these wood cutouts all over the wall… so I am going to do a mini version in my dollhouse. Also I got this fun scrapbook paper that looks like a vintage map that I am going to use on the wall, kinda like this.

So here’s my completed niche, cork floors, and a photo of my map paper. I am not sure if I want to use the map as a wallpaper or huge piece of wall art, so I guess I need to figure that out.

Ok on to the kitchen. I bought a cute retro inspired kitchen set. I wallpapered the eating niche with retro inspired scrapbook paper. I just need to do something to the table and chairs, or use my vintage chairs, I haven’t decided yet. I do think the backsplash looks pretty. I’m happy with the drapery for the living room. I sewed the tiny panels and I just need to hang them so I can start to design my custom sectional.

The bedroom however is another story. It went 80’s really fast, and not in a good way. I was trying to do a play with color blocking, but between the small scale and polka-dot wall paper it wasn’t working. I did have an orange rug in there, but I took it out and used a sample of Flor carpet tiles I had laying around. That helped. I think I am going to pull the purple color out, drapery and purple pillows and I think that will help with the situation.

My husband helped me repurpose the buffet in the bathroom into a vanity. He cut the old pedestal sink with a dremel and sunk it into the top of the vanity. I made a countertop out of clay and I am going to paint the vanity to modernize it, but sense I have crazy colors going on in the bedroom I am going to solve that problem before I decide on a bathroom color.

Last I am going to be using my rooster fabric in the office guest room, but thats the only decision I have made for that room so far.

So the goals this weekend are to finish the flooring, and get the rest of the walls painted. Oh also on the list is to take a break from the dollhouse, and post something different on the blog since I am probably overwhelming my readers with crazy dollhouse decorating.

I’m a Giant Challenge Progress

Alrighty, so I am proud to say I have made some MAJOR progress in my “I’m a Giant Challenge.” So Yesterday I actually finished building the dollhouse. I was pretty surprised that I was able to build it in two days because the instructions were horribly vague and none of the pieces were labeled. I was missing 1 piece, which I considered pretty good since I bought this dollhouse used and it was already open and over 10 years old. After I got it assembled I went online to the company who made the dollhouse and was able to order the missing piece, I also found they had improved the instructions and you can now download them as a .pdf. Well too late, but good news for those wanting to buy one of these dollhouses as a project you will have an easier time building it. You can buy the dollhouse from Real Good Toys it’s called Lilliput Apple Blossom Dollhouse Here’s the picture from their website of what it could look like, however I am going in a bit of a different direction with mine.

I don’t want to make my Victorian look like a “painted lady.” Those are the Victorians you see with bright colors, crazy moldings, think San Francisco. I like those homes, but I think that is kinda expected with a dollhouse. I am going to go more towards an Italianate Victorian. Think brink, black moldings, and charcoals. Kinda like this.

So here’s my dollhouse. Notice I left off all the gingerbread molding, trim and even the railings off the porch. I want my Victorian to look a bit more modern. I bought some wood from the hobby store and I am going to make a simple railing for the porch instead of the one it came with.

I also removed the wall on the lower floor to give my dollhouse an “open concept” layout. I decided I am going to do a comfy greatroom down stairs with a pretty white kitchen, colorful backsplash, custom built sofa sectional (I am not a fan of any dollhouse sofa so I am going to build my own 1″ scale sectional, who knew the furniture building class I took would come in handy with this project. We built 1″ scale models in that class.) Also I’m building a custom banquet in the tower niche. Here are the inspiration photos:

So those are my ideas for down stairs. I painted the walls a grey green color I had left over from my bedroom. Sorry I don’t remember the name but if anyone wants it I will look it up for you. I also made a distressed floor out of Popsicle sticks. I cut the rounded tips off and glued them down, sanded, stained and applied a grey glaze over the top. I am really happy with the floors. You can kind of get an idea of where I am going from these photos. I laid out my mini tiles I got from the hobby store for $3 because that is where I am pulling pretty much all my colors from for the entire house. Since a dollhouse is open and you can see every room at once it’s important for me to create a cohesive color pallet for the entire house.

In the bedroom I am going to wallpaper the walls in this super cute card-stock scrapbook paper. It was about $.50 a sheet, a neutral purple based grey color with oversized polka dots. (to those who laugh at my poor grammar and typos I have to say I honestly thought polka dots was spelled pok-a-dots until spell checker thought I was crazy) I love this so much I might have to use it as inspiration for a human-sized bedroom. I am going to use my vintage brass bed I bought off craigslist and I made it a mattress out of foam. I’ll continue my Popsicle floors into the bedroom. For the bathroom I am working on repurposing a banquet into a dual sink vanity. I bought dollhouse vinyl tile floor, and I am thinking of making a beadboard on the walls using skinnier popsicle sticks, that is if I don’t’ hate cutting them all by then. The inspiration for the bedroom is coming from this photo.

Here’s where I am at right now, it was dark when I took these photos so the true colors are a little hard to see, but I will take better pictures when I am done.

The top floor rooms are going to be a nursery, and a guest room/office. I haven’t really started much on those rooms yet, except to get some more scrapbook paper options for wallpaper. The top “hidden” room in the tower of my dollhouse is going to be my sewing room, because a sewing room is a must in every home for me.

So I have tons more to do, but I feel good now that I have a color pallet, and a design direction to go in. Pretty sure my next few posts will be on this dollhouse since I am spending most of my time working on it. I might take a break to bake the hubby and firefighter co-workers some goodies so if I do I’ll post the recipe on here. OH OH, and now that I got a miter saw for Christmas (yes I’m weird I wanted a saw for Christmas) I think the design of my music room might be happening this month too so I will post tons of pictures of that as well. Think picture-rail wainscoting, wall of vintage mirrors, hanging guitars… yep gonna be awesome.


I’m a Giant Challenge

I’m a Giant Challenge

Ok so I’m a “late” Giant Challenge. This is a challenge proposed by Emily Henderson in which a bunch of bloggers design/build their dream dollhouses. Anyways, originally the due date for the houses was Dec 15, and I had some projects I was working on in Dec (stay tuned for that news) so I didn’t think I was going to be able to “get my dollhouse on.” Then I saw Emily pushed her due date back to Feb 1, due to her being a busy designer… and then I saw ALL this furniture on craigslist and since I don’t have a lot of projects going on in Jan, I decided to join in.

So I kinda lucked out. I found TONS I mean TONS on furniture on craiglist, it was someone’s grandma’s furniture and I pretty much bought it all hoping I can repurpose/paint and turn it into an amazing house design. I really don’t have much to inspire me yet, but since mini furniture isn’t something you see on craigslist everyday I decided to buy it up. Plus this dollhouse stuff can get expensive really quick, so by buying a ton of vintage furniture I hope to save some $$ in the long run.

Here’s a little sample of some of the items I got. A knitting stand with yarn and knitting needles, oh of course. You always need that next to your rocking chair. And don’t forgot your can and boxed food. This stuff is insane.

Then I found a dollhouse for sale on craiglist too. The moons must’ve been aligned or something. This is a 1” scale Victorian dollhouse. I don’t mind it being Victorian I can totally work with that style, but I think the gingerbread style molding on the exterior might have to go. I mean I got this for $45!!  He’s the catch; it’s a dollhouse kit.

Yep. I have to build this sucker. And let me tell you sense I bought it used, some of the molding was painted (which I don’t mind sense I prob won’t be using it) If any of these pieces were packaged and labeled originally they are not any longer. Ok so now I’m overwhelmed.

So I started working on it tonight. Put in a good 4 or so hours and made some progress. I can’t even start to think about decorating it since I have to build it. I also need to think about lighting, wall coverings and if I am going to remove any walls, etc. This sucker is in a bazillion pieces so building and layout decisions will need to be made first. I have 1 month… can I finish this??? Lets Hope …