Window Treatments

I love it when clients provide me before and after pictures of their home. By just following the tips on our site this client was able to make the large window in her living have the impact she wanted with properly scaled drapery. She hung the rod as close to the ceiling as possible, used 4 drapery panels instead of the original 2. The 2 original panels just didn’t have the fullness her window needed. Extending the rod out past the edges of the window by 8″ made the window feel larger. Just these small changes made a big impact. Her living room makeover is well on it’s way. How to Hang Drapery How To Properly Hand Drapery

A Bedroom Staple

There is one trend that is pretty consistent across the board in the bedroom. I should say “Interior Design” trend, before you think this post is going places it shouldn’t. Regardless of style, the white duvet is a staple and trend that isn’t going anywhere. The bed is large, in charge, and almost always the focal point of the bedroom. Starting off your bedding design by layering a crisp white duvet is just so right. It’s clean, fresh, and doesn’t add a ton of visual weight to the bed. It always allows for endless variations of pillows, patterns, throws, and quilts. I do find however, that some (actually a lot) of clients have a fear of white bedding. It’s like we are some kind of savage beings that just cannot keep our bedding clean and that white duvet is destined to become soiled and disgusting. Well, let me assure you, white bedding fearers, that unlike colored bedding or patterned bedding, you can bleach white bedding. I promise it’s not hard to keep it clean, and if you get a stain pull out the good ol’ bleach pen and you’re good to go. Even my dirty little chihuahua mix has been no match for my white duvet, a cycle in the washing machine and little bleach and it’s good as new. Trying to hide dirt and stains on dark bedding or busy patterns is like walking around on a Vegas casino carpet barefoot and pretending it’s not filthy.

So let’s take a look at some beautiful bedroom featuring some beautiful white bedding.  neustadt-49



source Emily-Henderson-+-Curbly_bedroom041


main.original.980x550  source



I’ve gathered my favorite sources to purchase white bedding from a variety of price points.  BestWhiteLinenDuvets

Target / West Elm / Restoration Hardware / Garnet Hill / Anthropologie

Happy Shopping!

Happy Columbus Day!

With today being Columbus Day, I was planning on doing a post on some of my favorite items that are on sale today. Well, I had to scratch that because renovations at my house have been sucking up all my time. That’s why I haven’t been on here in a few weeks. So instead of doing a sale post I’m doing a “whats been sucking up all my time” post.

I mentioned before I was ripping up all my carpet, and the husband and I are about half way through installing the new floors. It’s taking us a while but it’s going to be well worth it. I am a serious anti-carpet person, it’s so dirty as we pull it up and on the stairs the dirt even has saturated the pad. We don’t even hardly use the upstairs because our master is down, so as Jimmy Fallon would say, carpet is EW! (If you haven’t seen the skit I suggest googling Jimmy Fallon EW)

So here’s a few sneak peeks.  photo-5

That is my not so awesome but too expensive to replace tile in the great room transitioning into my new flooring in my bedroom. In a perfect world I would have wanted to go a little lighter in the flooring but because the tiles are light choosing a darker wood was the best choice for this house. The new flooring in a teak color with a grey wash. I will be giving the details of the new flooring in a future post but for now there it is!


And here are my naked stairs. This weeks project is to replace all the treads and skim the risers JUST so I can paint them. My house was built in 2008 which means it’s practically built out of cardboard. The stairs are OSB otherwise known as chipboard. You can’t paint them and they crumbled when I pulled the carpet off. I can’t replace the risers or I may jeopardize the stability of the stairs so I am skimming them with 1/4″ ply, and then installing new pine treads. The risers are about $10 each and I needed 15. I didn’t think the stairs were OSB I assumed worse case they were MDF which I could still paint but NOPE, my little project just jumped up an extra $200 and a full day in labor. Weeeee! I will post more on them as I work on them.


Kind of a good thing I have to replace them because look at that gapping! No caulk would have been able to fix those gaps.


For now this is what I have, it’s a bit of a tripping hazard but I will have it fixed on Wed.


So happy Monday everyone!

A Stairy Situation

We have a few projects underway at my house. And ripping up all the builder grade carpet is #1 on the list. While I picked out new flooring (which will be shown on a later post) the stair situation is a whole project on its on. Right now the stairs are super not awesome builder grade (aka cheap) beige carpet.

Stairs Before Stairsbefore2

You can see in the second picture, project rip up nasty carpet is fully underway. Well I didn’t want to lay the new flooring on the stairs because: 1 it’s expensive to do the stairs, and 2 I wanted to put a runner and stapling holes in newly laid flooring wasn’t on my list of things I wanted to do. So my thought was to paint the stairs a pretty white, like this inspiration:

White Staircase


Pretty, white, with a nice stair runner. However, whats not so pretty are my stairs treads are not paintable. They are OSB or “chipboard” and will soak up paint like a sponge and no amount of paint will hide the texture of the OSB. So I’m going to have to purchase new treads and replace the existing OSB treads. Thats about $130 more and an additional day of labor. So it’s kind of a bummer but not a plan changer. I have builder beige tile downstairs that is staying, I don’t love it but I can live with it because there is just too much of it and too labor intensive to rip it up. So painting the stairs white and adding a graphic runner is a nice way to transition from the downstairs to the upstairs. My interior doors are Ben Moore Graphite, a “not quite black” and my trim is white so I figured a pretty white and black diamond pattern would look nice. I found this rug at RugsUSA.

It’s the Paddle Rug. I bought 3 5×8 rugs and it came out to about $336 for all three. I’m going to use one to carpet the landing, and the other two I can having cut into runners and bound. (so they wont fray)

So that’s the plan for now. I will be posting updates as the project progresses.


How to Assemble Ikea, So it Lasts!

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

We all know Ikea comes in a zillion pieces, and it has a bad rap for falling apart. I do love some of their pieces, they are just so functional and you can’t beat the price. However, there is no Ikea in Las Vegas (but there will be in 2016!) so when I do spend the extra money to pick up pieces in LA I want to be sure to assemble them so they last. Here are my tips that will really help the stability of your Ikea pieces. First, invest in real tools. I do own the Ikea FIXA kit, it’s only $8 and I keep it in my trunk in case of emergencies. I also recommend a drill or electric screwdriver, and drill bit kit with hex bits. You can assemble with just the Ikea FIXA kit but having an electric drill or screwdriver is going to save you a ton of time. You will also want a box cutter to open the boxes, and some regular wood glue and thread locker.

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

Don’t try to assemble using the included tool. You won’t be able to get a lot of the bolts tight, and frankly this tool sucks.

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

Before you get started use your box cutter to open the box and you can lay the box flat if you need a surface you can build on without scratching the finish. I had this hideous carpet (which has been ripped out yay!!) to assemble on. Lay each of the matching pieces with each other, so it makes it easier to locate pieces when you assemble. Your also less likely to grab the wrong piece. Ikea can be assembled backwards, and upside down, and when this happens you have to remove screws that can loosen up the holes and cause the furniture to be wobbly. So take the time to lay out the pieces, and identify what is what and what is “up and down”

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

When you start to assemble, use your thread locker on all threaded screws. It’s watery so I usually put a drop on a smooth service and just dip the treads in. I use a glass countertop sample for glues and epoxies, but a subway tile works great and can be picked up for about $1 at the hardware store.  It doesn’t take much thread locker, but it will really help your screws stay in place and not loosen up on you. Keep a paper towel handy for any drips or extra that might squeeze out when you put in the screws. I also use the blue removable thread locker. They make stronger solutions but there really isn’t any need for it.

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

Next make sure to use wood glue on the dowels. Just like the thread locker you don’t need much. Just dip the tip of the dowel into the glue and tap it into the hole with a rubber hammer. (or the FIXA hammer with the rubber cap on the tip)

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

The wood glue will make the dowel fit tighter so be sure you lightly tap it all the way into the pre drilled hole.

The wood glue will make the dowel fit tighter so be sure you lightly tap it all the way into the pre drilled hole.

After you assemble your pieces but before you put in the cam locks (those round silver plugs you twist to tighten with a screwdriver) put a little thread locker on the screw head in the hole. This critical step will help the cam locks from coming loose. The #1 item to come loose on Ikea pieces is the cam locks, so be sure to tighten them well after placing the thread lock.

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

Once you tighten your cam locks, the seams on your pieces should fit tightly together. If they are not tight, then somethings wrong, and be sure you have the right pieces assembled, or loosen the cams, tap the pieces lightly together with a rubber hammer and retighten the cams. The piece will wiggle loose if your seams are gapping.

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

If you have any hex bolts to put in this is when the drill or electric screwdriver comes in handy. Be sure to apply your thread locker and tighten your screws down. Just don’t over tighten or you could crack the wood. If your using a drill, be extra careful.

How to Assemble Ikea So It Lasts!

And lastly enjoy your pieces. This is a sneak peek of my new studio. (minus the gross carpet thats gone)  These tips will take you a little extra time when you assemble, but after 6 months to a few years and your pieces haven’t wiggled loose it will be well worth it.

Shop This Room | Retro Revival Kitchen

Here is the Retro Revival edition of Shop This Room. A lot of the elements in last weeks Retro Kitchen were vintage so I’ve sourced some new items that have a vintage feel and charm. I also snuck in a few vintage items to the board as well. Happy shopping!

Shop This Room | Retro Revival

Top left to bottom right | red bowl | vintage signs | retro dining set | flower glassware | pot holder | cookware | retro stove | farmers baskets | tin mugs | dipping bowls | whisk | bread box | marquesas kitchen ware | retro clock | tea towels | apron | retro refrigerator | vintage milk bottles | vintage pyrex | retro toaster